06 April 2020 04:57

SECRET OF MARRIAGE; Consensus of differences is the sole and final answer to live a noble married life for themselves, parents and for children the most. PERCEPTION OF MARRIAGE IS FAST CHANGING. Questions are being asked (1) why to marry and sacrifice our freedom what for (2) two individuals are brought up differently, develop different thoughts and ambitions, it is difficult if not impossible to think of their living together (3) one comes alone and goes off alone, then why not to enjoy life alone as best as one can (4) to spend whole life in struggling for the children, their uplift. career etc. why so, when one is not to depend on children for one's old age care and living (5) when one can live in relationship of boy and girl friendship, then why to bind oneself to one alone (6) we need change in each and every thing, then why not in this form of living freely and to change relationship if it does not suit and/or thinking and temperament change (7) marriage is fraught with family disputes, one loses peace of mind and once married, to get out of it is a cumbersome and expensive process (8) now associations are coming up of women living together in residences specially made for them, each one living in one's own apartment, eating and enjoying together just as in clubs and same is the case of men as well, also even if they are living away from each other still they meet almost daily to spend their time and live freely. (9) career, to have house and one's transport are taking precedence over marriage and as such the age for marriage is crossed over resulting in not finding the desired choice and as deciding not to marry at all (10) even if one wants to marry and love someone, social restrictions of castes, communities, religion, beliefs, status etc. are great hurdles and as such it is preferable to live in love relationship and not to marry at all. HENCE THESE AND SO MANY OTHER REASONS ARE ADVANCED AGAINST THE MARRIAGE, ITS PURPOSE AND ITS UTILITY. True but one should not forget that in each and every sphere of life, one has to own responsibilities and when this is a fact, then why feel afraid of getting married and owning responsibilities. I would like to address this subject in detail in my next write-ups as I feel and am convinced that Marriage is the best institution to live happily, to progress and remain ambitious. tks