16 June 2021 06:02

SELFISHNESS AND GREED ARE INTEGRAL PART OF HUMAN BEINGS AND ARE VICIOUS AND DESTRUCTIVE IN NATURE AND IN ACTION. mine and thine remain the guiding factors of human beings. Slowly slowly mine overpowers thine and usurps everything of thine and if not successful, applies all means and efforts to grab all that is of thine. Why mine, it is to enjoy the best and maximum comforts and enjoyment this world provides , to gain popularity and prominence, to be sole arbiter of around him/her, considers and behaves as SUPREME, does not believe in democracy nor allows it to grow, perhaps in thinking that GOD IS SUPREME BUT IS ONE ALONEHENCE ALL REMAINS UNDER HIS CONTROL UNQUESTIONABLE, then why with such a person who has conquered all those around, in neighbourhood, in society, in nation and in the world as a whole, by his/her philosophy, power, intellect, belief, religious briefing and prime most by GOD GIFTED EXCEPTIONAL CAPACITIES to keep all human beings under him/her and/or ruled by him in PEACE according to him/her GOD wants and sent him/her in this world to PROVIDE RELIEF TO GOD and CONSIDERS THIS AS THE GREATEST SERVICE TO GOD. In final term, we define him/her as a DICTATOR. Such human beings believe that they have been sent to this world to enjoy all luxuries available on earth and maybe come to believe that death one day will come about, is evident, then why not to enjoy the best and most as such human beings can. ALAS AS THE OLD AGE HAPPENS AND IT ONTINUES GROWING, ALL CAPACITIES AND ENERGIES START FADING, it is at this stage that realisation comes in why one has been selfish, greedy, vindictive and cruel to others, all this ends up in regrets and without answer, perhaps to be punished by GOD. In short, selfishness and greed are ingredient part of human beings and realisation comes when one gets old, loses all energies and capacities, to let it flourish or to keep in control depends on each individual's perception and ambitions..