23 August 2021 01:28

SHINE LIKE THE SUN AND REMAIN COOL LIKE THE MOON. TO BALANCE BOTH SHOULD BE THE MOTTO. I think TO REMAIN COOL IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SHINING as when one remains cool, one can take well deliberated and seasoned decisions and live an enjoyable and reasonably comfortable life. I feel the very purpose and essence of life is to live happy, healthy and comfortable life and this one can achieve by coolness and not necessarily by shining. SHINING CAN GIVE SUCCESSES, PROMINENCE which will be gratifying and adding joy to one's life and if one doesn't remain cool, possibly shining will get affected and more than that the REAL DAY-TO-DAY LIFE. HENCE TO BALANCE BOTH IS VERY IMPORTANT AND IF IT DOESN'T HAPPEN AS IN MOST OF THE CASES SHINING LEADS TO ARROGANCE, SHORT TEMPERED, TREATING/THINKING OF OTHERS IRRELEVANT ETC. ETC. AND AS SUCH TO REMAIN COOL IS MORE IMPORTANT AND ESSENTIAL THAN SHINING, that is how I think. tks comments.