23 June 2021 09:13

SHOCKING EXPERIENCE AND LESSON THEREFROM. Today when I was strolling in the garden I found a cat jumped at the bird and caught it from the wings. I wondered how the cat could imagine the carelessness of the bird, how it could calculate the distance to jump and be exactly at its prey, how it could calculate that the bird if ever flew, which will take the bird a few seconds to catch up force and speed up to fly, where and at what part to attack, it calculated that when the bird will attempt to fly, it will open up its wings, hence the best answer was to clip the bird from the wing. The cat succeeded in its hunt and the poor bird cried in helplessness. Then I wondered as to why the bird was not aware and why it could not hurry up to fly. In my reflection I found that the bird was too much engrossed in eating the insects and/or herd of insects etc. as it could find in and above the earth and as such its carelessness and the sharp wit, skill and perfect calculation of the cat from its hiding helped it to enjoy its catch. Immediately thereafter an idea came to my mind whether this awful experience, could throw some lesson to learn and explain to my friends and whether I could do something at this moment. Immediately the idea came of my experience where the cat attached a coq we loved so much, we took it to veterinary hospital and ultimately the coq died as, I think, how forcefully and effectively the cat jumped at the coq, never allowed it to overcome that shock. At the same time, I felt that perhaps the bird was destined to die besides it also came to my mind it will be unjust to take away the catch from the cat for it struggled so much and finally succeeded, how and why should I become a cause to defeat the success. As such I walked off with this awful experience. LESSON. 1. must understand your capacities, abilities, skills and agility. 2. observe the strength and weaknesses of your foe or combatant, analyse, match the foe's/combatant qualities and weaknesses to yours, put in your experience, knowledge and vision together to take decision as to how to attack, disarm and defeat your foe/combatant 3. to get your energies, capacities and capabilities, to boost up your determination and faith to win. 4. get ready with all answers to meet exigencies and emergencies if these happen 5. master your mind, brain, capacities and faith to strike swiftly and brilliantly. 6. never assume your foe/combatant as a weaker and easy catch and instead prepare yourself at least 20% or more based on your calculation 7. practice not to tire, not to be in bad mood etc. and be more than fit and be fully ready and in control of yourself to beat the foe/combatant. 8. train yourself and develop your skill and faculties in full zeal and steam to believe that you are a WINNER, SHALL REMAIN A WINNER AND IF DEFEAT EVER IT COMES ABOUT, IT IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE HOME A LESSON TO LEARN, ANALYSE AND INVENT ALL MEANS TO GET READY FOR THE WIN IN THE NEXT. In short, cat taught me how to win the catch and what is required to achieve that end, which I have tried to explain and elaborate in this write-up as above. tks vasdevloond