05 December 2020 07:07

should there be court marriage with a few friends or celebrations with pomp and show. I think it should be left to the couple to decide and if it is decided to celebrate though t the court, then thereafter a party of relations and friends need to be organised to enjoy the party and let them know as well that these two are now married for legal and social purposes. In any case and for all purposes, one does not go in for debts to show celebrations in pomp and show and it should be done only when the family can afford it conveniently. Incidentally corona has now given the reason for not going in for pomp and show and to celebrate it in simple way with 50 persons or so. tks   SHOULD THERE BE COURT MARRIAGE WITH A FEW FRIENDS OR CELEBRATION WITH POMP AND SHOW. In India we celebrate marriage in great pomp and show wherein besides relations, we invite all friends, known and unknown personalities and also the neighbours. I think it is a GOOD CUSTOM. One celebrate marriage as best as one can afford and shouldn't indulge in debts to show off to others. MARRIAGE IS A ONE TIME OCCASION TO BE REMEMBERED THROUGHOUT ONE'S LIFE AND ALSO PERHAPS TO AVOID GETTING RELATIONSHIP ESTRANGED SOON AFTER ONE SEE THE HAPPY CELEBRATIONS AND THE EXCEPTIONAL AWAIT TO LOVE. Court marriage is a legal document which is generally done in the company of a friends. Its celebration does not match the celebrations in Indian marriage custom. Court marriage is becoming essential to have relationship which is documented and recognised for all legal purposes, but I think it must be supported and celebrated in Indian way which helps to rebuild estranged relations and strengthen with those whom we love, meet or know each other. CAUTION; MARRIAGE CELEBRATIONS MUST BE AS BEST AS ONE CAN AFFORD AS AN EXCEPTIONAL SEND OFF OF THE GIRL AND THE BOY DRESSED UP AS BEST AS HE AND FAMILY WISHES AS ALSO IS THE LIKE OF THE GIRL AS AN EXCLUSIVE SOULMATE BUT NEVER TO INDULGE IN DEBTS FOR SHOW OFF. There is also the view which is emerging and becoming more and more prominent wherein the would be couple believes that CELEBRATIONS ARE A WASTE, THAT MUCH MONEY SHOULD BE SAVED AND GIVEN TO THE COUPLE TO SPEND IN THE MANNER THEY WISH, MORESO TO FULFILL THEIR NEEDS AND AS SUCH TO HAVE A SMALL PARTY OF FRIENDS AND SOME SELECTED FAMILY MEMBERS. .... Despite all this, I believe in CELEBRATIONS AS BEST AS ONE CAN AFFORD, to enjoy one's emotions and love and A MEMOIRE for the bride and the groom to see and enjoy that happy moment and move on in love and happiness throughout their life and for parents this turns out as an album to refer to as and when they feel the absence and rejuvinate themselves with this exceptional event. tks