17 December 2021 12:34

SHOULD A PERSON WHO ACCUSES, ABSUSES, BEARS JEALOUSIES ETC. SHOULD BE RETALIATED IN THE SAME MANNER OR IS THERE SOME OTHER COURSE POSSIBLE. ANSWER: I believe when we are young, we believe and act in retaliation and while we get old and gain experience of life, we become more tolerant and reflect before taking any course of action. 2. experience, prudence, reflexion also help a lot as to what course of action needs to be taken to punish and correct the person 3. attitude also plays a great role in determining course of action. 4. also who is accusing and abusing, his/her financial and physical condition also helps how and in what manner punishment should be given, hard, harsh or lenient. 5. ego, physical, financial and social contacts do influence the type of action one may decide to take irrespective of whether the person is poor and/or has taken this action in helplessness. There will be lots of other circumstances, situations which shall be needing various types of actions to be adopted to make a person realise his/her mistake(s). I feel as we get old, we retire and/or lose power, gain experience of life and/or get seasoned, we become more compassionate and take action accordingly which generally consist in 1. to ignore 2. reason out why the other person has taken such an action 3. also think in what way and how the person should be explained and corrected. In general, if we are wise enough, we will ignore it and go on with our work, even in certain situation we know that we have or are suffering the loss, we ignore and avoid the conflict HENCE IT IS WISER TO AVOID, IGNORE ETC. NEVER THINK OF RETALIATION OR TIT FOR TAT, AS EACH EVERY RETALIATORY ACTION IS LIKELY TO CREATE MORE AND MORE TENSION, IF NOT EXPENSE, AND MAYBE DANGER TO LIFE AS WELL. .. PRUDENCE REQUIRES TO BE TOLERANT AS BEST AS ONE CAN MANAGE AND THINK OF CONSEQUENCES. tks