23 November 2020 04:36

SHOULD ONE CURSE MISERIES OF LIFE which are many or make efforts to overcome these? My answer will be that howsoever rich or poor one may be, miseries and problems continue throughout life until death. Some miseries start with the birth itself like having been born in slums,some happen due to national and natural upheavals, some turn out as stigma throughout life like OBCs, castes, religions, beliefs etc. Many in low caste categories have risen in life and are well educated, but when it comes to marriage, except in their own castes and categories, hardly anyone opts to marry them. These are social miseries and inhibitions, while there are many which are called CREATED ONES. It is said the more one has, the more problems and miseries one gets entangled, in such families one generally finds jealousies, problems about assets, positions etc. and the elder ones till their death continue to find solutions and solve these to the satisfaction of all. Created miseries can be solved if one is determined and is bent up solving these despite some irritations and disliking here and there. Miseries attached to birth need to be overcome by will and conviction to get over and those who are willed and determined do find their way. Those who rise to richer status and jobs face least difficulties in relationships while those who are poor ones face enormous difficulties to marry. Immediate answer for them seems to be 1. to improve their lot 2. search relationship in their own category 3. to think of getting in love marriage 4. and if means permit, get to countries like western countries, where discrimination is the least. CONCLUSION; ANSWER LIES TO ALMOST ALL PROBLEMS PROVIDED ONE IS CONVINCED AND IS READY TO SEARCH FOR ANSWERS AND IS NOT AFRAID OF FACING CRITICISM AND EMBITTERMENT OF RELATIONS DESPITE EXPLANATIONS AND PERSUASIONS. AS SUCH CURSING ONESELF OF ONE'S BIRTH STIGMA, TO FIND ANSWER AS SUGGESTED ABOVE COULD POSSIBLY GET HIM/HER RID OF IF NOT OF STIGMA, WILL AT CERTAINLY ALLOW ONE TO LIVE A COMFORTABLE LIFE. tks