17 December 2020 12:10

SHOULD ONE WHO ACCUSES AND ABSUSES, BE REPLIED IN THE SAME COIN OR IS THERE SOME OTHER ALTERNATIVE. yes 1. to check why he/she is behaving like this and what is my fault 2. if it is my fault, to ask for the excuse and promise never to repeat it 3. it is possible that one has suffered or is suffering from problems from somehwere else and you happen to pass by or meet him/her, he/she stats hurling abuses etc. to relieve his/her vengence as a helpless person 4. to take some time, talk to such person, console him/her and explain that such accuses and abuses will hurt him more than will bring him any good 5. it is also possible someone who is being accused and abused without his/her fault, may thrash you and as such you will be more hurt than being relieved 6. tell him that whatever has happened will never come back, he/she must look into why and what for he/she was abused 7. to tell, if he/she does not mind, to apologise to that person whether it was your fault or not and let allow that person to think over whether he/she realises it or not, do not bother about that, your apologising will relieve you a lot, but do ensure that never recall such incidence to your mind as otherwise you may react after some time, hence to forget it totally will be the best answer not only to relieve you, but will also leave you in peace. 8. to believe in always love begets love and pardoning some brings in return good and not, itwill leave you in peace.tks