19 August 2020 07:52

SHOULD PARENTS CONTINUE THEIR PREFERENCE FOR A SON OVER A DAUGHTER? Firstly, let me look to the reasons and spell these out (1) to keep the family heritage/continuity (2) can leave earnings like business to the son as he belongs to the same house and family while the daughter takes to different roots and builds up her own family with her husband, which is altogether different from parents family, maybe links remain till the time daughter is alive and if relationship is healthy (3) to count in old age on the son than a daughter who will have compulsions, despite her feelings and emotional love, to remain in tact with her family than with parents and that also can be done, if the husband and inlaws allow her to support her parents which hardly ever happen. (4) parents presume old age security etc etc. BUT NOW THE TREND IS CHANGING AND PREFERENCE OF THE SON OVER THE DAUGHTER IS DECREASING, WILL IT EVER VANISH, IT IS DIFFICULT TO ANSWER AS I FEEL ONE MAY NOT EXPRESS, BUT THE WISH OF THE PARENTS DOES REMAIN IN PREFERENCE FOR THE SON if not for old security as now the STATE is helping more and more for the old age living support, IN THE FEELING AS TO WHAT THEY HAVE EARNED CAN LEAVE TO SOMEONE WHO ENSURES CONTINUITY OF THEIR FAMILY NAME AND PERHAPS TAKE TO PROMINENCE WHAT THEY HAVE BUILT UP AFTER LONG AND HARDEST LABOUR and in hidden feelings, one feels that daughters belong to another house and whatever is given to daughter, is given to them for their additional comfort and alas, parents own family shall end after their death... THIS FEELING IS HUMAN, NATURAL, OVER-RIDING AND I FEEL CANNOT BE ELEMINATED howsoever one may say and explain. If one has daughters and no son, this preference shall not exist at all and this feeling as to whom to hand over earnings and assets, daughters shall remain the only and happy choice. None-the-less if the daughter is divorced or widowed and turns out to be the responsibility of parents than the inlaws, then that daughter will replace the feelings of having a son, and daughter will be accepted like the son, and all wealth will be left to her and the feeling of continuity of family name, will take no significance. tks c