25 July 2020 10:43

SHOULD PARENTS DEPEND ON THEIR CHILDREN, ANSWER, I WILL SAY NO, LARGELY AS MUCH AS THEY ARE CONVINCED AND HAVE MEANS TOO. Parents do their best to see that their children are able to fulfill their dreams and turn out the best of the best and in return expect that their children will take care of them, which in many cases does not happen especially in this modern age wherein almost every child wants to have his/her freedom and live in the manner he/she desires. The attitudes, manners and mode of living never remain the same as of the parents. They live and are brought up in the new generation while parents live in the past. As such those parents who feel that their children have grown adult, they have liberty to live as they like, they have done their job as best as they could and now let us live and enjoy the life as best as we can as husband and wife, least worried about our children. Nevertheless, it shall also depend on the resources and willingness of the parents to live by themselves as also of the children how much they own the responsibility towards their parents as also for their requirements. IN SHORT IT IS BETTER FOR THE PARENTS TO LIVE ALONE BY THEMSELVES, KEEP THE BONDAGE AS BEST AS THEY CAN, WITHOUT REGRETS IN ANY FORM AND INSTEAD TO REMAIN READY TO VOLUNTEER TO MEET THE NEEDS AND ASPIRATIONS OF THE CHILDREN. AS SUCH HAPPIER THE PARENTS WILL LIVE AND ENJOY. comments