28 August 2020 11:26

SHOULD WORRIES BE A PROBLEM? I am of the view NO, Worries are part of life, these come and go. BUT WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO OVERCOME WORRIES: these are (1) to understand that worries are part of life (2) Change of Attitude: getting submerged in worries will worsen health and if health is lost, all is lost (3) to remain POSITIVE that nothing is static, time will heal up the situation, which will end up in consolation and hope (4) Be convinced that EACH PROBLEM HAS AN ANSWER, search for various options (5) ANALYSE OPTIONS and think of the best winnable (6) Possibly one may not get fully relieved from the worry(ies) (7) BE CONVINCED that you are capable to resolve the worries and surely will find the answer: such a thinking supported by absence of worry)ies), and reflexion on achievement. whatever little it may be, will surely embolden confidence and enable one to concentrate more and more to search for the answer/solution. PL DO REMEMBER THAT THOSE WHO GET LOST IN WORRIES, LOSE EVERYTHING WHILE THOSE WHO REMAIN CONVINCED THAT CERTAINLY THEY WILL FIND SOLUTION. DO SURELY SUCCEED. THIS IN OTHER WORDS IS CALLED SUCCESS AND REAL LIFE AND ITS CHARM. comments