04 August 2019 01:23

SILENCE: It is good perhaps for those who do not want to involve in discussion, criticism and taking sides while there are others who think time is a big healer and problems thus will get solved by themselves anyway. Dr Manmohan Singh became a victim of this. Modi is mum as his allegiance is with RSS while facts need answers, much against his instincts,faith and conviction. Hence we hear his roars alike a tiger when he in the outside world but when he is back home especially in parliament, he decides to keep mum despite criticism and hooliganism in parliament ando shields his favouritees and trustees knowing well that they have done wrong and these are those who vehemently criticised the UPA government and forced the resignation of a few ministers. Re the question WHETHER TO REMAIN SILENT IS GOOD OR WHETHER TO DECIDE AND SPEAK OUT IS BETTER. I think one needs to take decision and speak out what one feels is right regardless of consequences. When to say, how to say , in what manner and how politely or harsh to say are very important. One must untie the knot and open his/her mind impartially and passionately, honestly and in understandable words. I feel those who remain silent,under the garb of fear and criticism, fall victim to silence, indecision and lose their esteem if not the status. Moreso such persons who to remain silent lose their peace of mind. ONE NEEDS TO REALISE THAT SILENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER, ONE MUST FACE THE SITUATION, TAKE DECISIONS AND BE VOCAL TO THOUGHTS, FEELINGS AND JUDGEMENT. comments