17 November 2019 08:10

DEMOCRACY IS A FARCE, SOLUTIONS THEREOF. First and foremost seems to be at present is the problem of TURNCOATS, BUYING AND SELLING OF ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES. IN SOLUTION I would suggest that the very principle of democracy is DEMOCRACY IS OF THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE. As such it becomes incumbent that PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE LEGAL RIGHT TO CALL BACK THE REPRESENTATIVE IF HE/SHE DOES NOT WORK FOR THE PROMISES AND OBJECTIVES FOR WHICH HE/SHE WAS ELECTED. As such it is necessary that LAW AND/OR THROUGH EC DIRECTIVE, IT IS MANDATED THAT A REPRESENTATIVE SHALL CONTINUE IN THE SAME POLITICAL PARTY AND IF ELECTED INDEPENDENT WILL WORK FOR THE PRINCIPLES HE/SHE WAS ELECTED WHICH WILL BE MOSTLY AGAINST THE PARTY IN POWER. Hence he/she is obliged to remain in opposition, as a group or as an independent member to further the cause he/she was mandated by his or her constituency. HENCE MY SUGGESTION WILL BE NO TURNCOATS PRACTICE NOR BUYING AND SELLING BE PERMITTED AND THIS COULD BE DONE BY LAW AND/OR BY EC DIRECTIVE THAT IF A REPRESENTATIVE CHANGES HIS/HER POLITICAL AFFINITY TO THE PARTY IN POWER, HE/SHE SHALL AUTOMATICALLY GET DEBARRED FROM REPRESENTATION FROM THE PRESENT TERM AND SHALL NOT BE PERMITTED TO FIGHT ELECTION FOR TWO TERMS at least. I feel such an action will discourage completely the representative to change the platform he/she was elected and as such the power of the people and for the people will rest with the people. Question however could arise, suppose no political party gets majority, then what will happen, my suggestion will be coming forth n the next write-up. tks