28 September 2020 03:31

SON ALMOST EACH FAMILY WANTS TO HAVE, MOSTLY THE FIRST CHOICE AND IF THEY WANT TO HAVE A 2ND CHILD, MOSTLY GIRL IS PREFERRED TO BALANCE THE FAMILY AND STRENGTHEN FAMILY BONDAGE. Many especially upper middle class, rich and elite resort to premedical check up and opt for abortion in fear of having a girl. Thus the male and female ratio will continue increasing and I think possibly is the cause of assaults, molestation, rape etc. on women. WHEN SUCH IS A PERCEPTION AND IS THE CHAOTIC SITUATION, then what could be the answer. I find many do not want a girl as girl for marriage becomes a big burden to find a suitable boy, demands or expectations from the boy's family, status etc. CASTES DO STAND AS A HURDLE especially when low caste categories like OBC, STC etc. children get well educated and get to good positions. ANSWERS: I think, government must fund for marriages especially for the poor segments, irrespective of which caste and religion they belong to. 2. dowry must be restricted in customs, demands, expectations etc. and slabs could be fixed based on the income strata of the family. 3. marriage functions to be restricted especially in rich and elite families to 2 to 3 gifts/dowry and number of invitees be restricted to a reasonable limit, and perhaps be made mandatory to declare doles in detail. 4. education and working girls do help to discourage such rituals, as such this trend must be encouraged. NONETHELESS IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT ONE SHOULD NOT SPEND AS PER ONE'S MEANS BUT MUST NEVER RESORT TO LOANS/DEBTS, I believe so, as I feel marriage event and celebrations are a life long memory, hence it must be celebrated as best as possible BUT MUST RESTRICTED TO BE SPENT WITHIN ONE'S MEANS. 5. girls to be given preference over boys, I am not in favour and as such MERIT MUST REMAIN THE CRITERIA ALWAYS in all spheres of life. 6. marriage by separation whereby all assets and belongings of each family, in inheritance etc. shall belong to the boy and girl respectively from their families individually and whatever the couple will earn, will be their joint wealth, to remain always in equal ratio. THUS I BELIEVE STEPS MUST BE TAKEN BY GOVERNMENT, SOCIAL MEDIA, SOCIAL AND LITERARY ORGANISATIONS,RELIGIOUS CONGREGATIONS AND PROFESSIONALS WILL GO A LONG WAY TO AVOID THINKING THAT GIRL IS A LIABILITY, AVOID CRIMINALITY TO A GREAT EXTENT ETC. ETC. IF AT LEAST THE STEPS SUGGESTED ABOVE ARE TAKEN, PRONOUNCED AND STRICTLY IMPLEMENTED, THE RICH AND POLITICAL CLASS NEEDN'T BE AN EXCEPTION, I feel the feeling not have a girl and girl is a liability will get wiped off slowly and slowly . tks