18 December 2019 06:42

STRESS IS THE BIGGEST ENEMY OF MAN;in follow up: HOW TO AVOID: These in general could consist of (1) cafe. alcohol, nicotine etc. (2) to avoid sleeplessness, one should do physical exercise (3) take to some relaxation activities which could consist in games, reading, books of one's choice, be in company of likable friends to enjoy and feel free to jokes gossips etc. see TV etc/ etc. (4) plan one's work, prioritise and take up problems one by one (5) change relationships, company, association, environments etc. (6) share causes of stress with someone confident and also who can give solutions, including sociologists, psychologists etc. etc. OBSERVATIONS AND ANSWER; Stress in the initial stage is dramatic and later on it will turn into jolts, if one becomes conscious, takes care, learns to get over it, it will get milder and milder and will be short lived. How to do it, one needs to take the following steps (a) to search reasons and concentrate on various options, discern the acute one (b) to accept that stress is essential part of life and that answer(s) do/does exist, such a thinking and conviction will help to tide over the stress and if it will happen, it will not have much effect (c) stress is easier to get over in young age but as one starts getting old and reaches in real old age and after retirement, it gets harder to avoid and get over but if one has learnt in young age to shove off stress, that experience will help not to get overburdened with stress (d) in old age when wife or husband dies or someone in siblings etc., stress shall become acute mostly, in such a situation, if one believes that it is a circle of life and that each one is to die some earlier and some later, he/she will be able to cope with and adjust better. However to overcome stress in old age or in loss of some near and dear one, economic means and freedom to choose friends and company of one's choice, do surely help to get over the stress and take such happenings as normal ones. Nevertheless women take less stress while men fall pray to stress comparatively more and longer. CONCLUSION; I am of the view, if one gets serious to act on what one observes and concentrates on SOLUTION(S), one can surely avoid stress and its extremity. tks