17 October 2020 09:59

2ND PART TO STRESS: Mostly anything not completed within time or as projected does create stress. I would like such persons to reason out whether getting into stress has or is bringing them comfort, is the incomplete job is getting completed, is it keeping them in good posture, if not at all, then why to take stress.Leave it as it is, seek some more time to complete it and if not warranted, then look to the reasons why it so happened and as such fully plan for any new project taken up. The method appears to me is 1. take a bit more time than required to complete the project, 2. take steps to read literature and collect all information required and felt suitable for the project 3. get down to put all information necessary into the project 4. get to some confident person/guide of knowledge about the subject and/or who is ready to listen to your doubts and give his views, which could be helpful in some form or the other 5. put all ideas and notes into writing to make it a complete explanation of the project 6. glance into the text, it is possible some doubts about certain points and/or putting the text in proper series need some more search and/or clarifications. 7. lastly keep a few days spare to keep yourself at peace and comfort in feeling that your project is perfect as you wanted it and if it needs a little bit more information or polishing it, you will be having some time in full convenience and relaxation to give your project the final touch. As such what I have tried to suggest is 1. break the project into different parts, work out time required for each part, keeping a margin of a few days for each part 2. to ensure that each part is finished within the time stipulated 3.ensure all parts are completed as projected 4. last step comes in to save what is called cooling or reflextion time. Once this time table is minutely followed with a few days lapses here and there, I believe, when you will be giving your project, you will be relaxed and will be giving it in FULL CONFIDENCE. Thus once this method is applied and put into habit, I am sue there will not be no stress in any form hereafter. tks,   TRESS CAN CAUSE MANY TYPES OF DISEASES, IT NEEDS TO BE CHECKED AND TO AVOID IT, IT IS ESSENTIAL TO ANALYSE THE CAUSES AND TRY TO SOLVE THOSE REASONS ONE BY ONE AND FINALLY TO REACH A STAGE WHEN STRESS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AND ALL CONCENTRATION WILL BE TO SEARCH FOR ANSWERS. TKS