STRESS IS THE INITIAL AND BIGGEST CAUSE OF ALL DISEASES 17-10-20 part 2... 26-11-20 part 3 30

30 March 2021 05:42

STRESS what does it mean: It means your faculties get strained due to (1) not achieving what you wish for (2) your views are not listened to or are not appreciated (3) you are cheated by nears and dears, best friends and maybe by the exclusive loved one (4) you fail to appreciate your faculties due to failures etc. (5) unexpected circumstances and unexpected situations (6) to curse the family, caste, tribe, religion etc. born in (7) being dragged to accept what the parents believe in, what they wish for, want complete obedience without any discussion or reason, are adamant in their views and actions(8) so on and so forth. WHY IT HAPPENS: mostly WE DO NOT CONCENTRATE ON FINDING ANY ANSWER WHICH ALWAYS EXISTS WHICH MEANS STRESS DOES NOT DISTURB YOU AND INSTEAD THROWS A CHALLENGE FOR YOU TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM WHICH HAS COME ABOUT AND GET OVER THE SITUATIONS WHICH WERE NOT EXPECTED. ... then what is essential to get over stress: ANSWER: (1) be positive (2) believe that you a trouble shooter and are capable to find answer for anything and every thing and whatever situations and circumstances you may come across (c) ensure good health, learn to remain satisfied and happy (d) concentrate on your achievements and repeated successes as to how these happened, get boosted through these, energise your body, mind, thoughts, conviction about your faculties, capacities and strength to find solutions and succeed (e) look to reasons and circumstances how and why these happened (f) isolate and pick up the one(s) most important (g) concentrate on these to look up for various options (h) measure and weigh each option with reasons for and against (i) pick up the best, boost your energies, remain steadfast and convinced with your course of action, maybe with required changes here and there, but the main course of action and objective remain final and that you are sure to succeed and achieve. HOWEVER SOME SITUATIONS MAY NOT ALLOW OR HELP TO GET OVER THE STRESS: in that situation, put yourself off that situation, take a small break, divert your attention and action to some other work or company which was not considered important or was irrelevant, this pause, change to circumstances and association will help you to get relieved from the stress slowly and slowly and keep you looking about the reasons and answers over the stress, open up chance and opportunity to put aside whatever tinge of stress was left over and JUMP ON THE ANSWER(S) WITH COURAGE AND CONVICTION. when this will happen, stress will be no more and instead JOY AND HAPPINESS WILL COME ABOUT, TO LOVE YOURSELF, REMAIN CONFIDENT AND SURE AS A TROUBLE SHOOTER ALWAYS FOR WHATEVER SITUATIONS MAY ARISE, EXPECTED OR UNEXPECTED. tks.   STRESS: Essence of Marriage is HAPPINESS and if that is not achieved and is lost, nothing is left in life. REASONS FOR STRESS; (1) work stress (2) married life stress (3) conflicts in family (4) conflicts with boss, colleagues, relations etc, (5) business competition and/or loss (6) children's disarray, disobedience, violence etc. (7) non-fulfillment of dreams/wishes and instead repeated failures (8) prolonged illness (9) old age with non to count and/or rely upon etc. etc.

ANSWERS; (1) to analayse and correct mistakes/drawbacks (2) learn to adjust and complement (3) change yourself if can't persuade the other to change (4) communicate and vent out reasons for stress which could be with confidants, most important in that case is the wife, believing and having trust that such and such could patiently hear and suggest solutions like doctor, advocate, psychologist etc. etc. (5) shun ego, vindictiveness and revenge (6) forgetfulness and pardon (7) give in whole-heartedly without repentance and after thoughts