01 February 2022 01:28

STRUGGLE BETWEEN SON/DAUGHTER AND FATHER, WHO IS SUPPOSED TO CONCEDE. ANSWER TO MY MIND APPEARS TO BE THAT FATHER MUST CONCEDE. WHY, BECOMES THE QUESTION; (1) father sooner of later has to leave or give all his earnings to his siblings. Then why to go to conflict. (2) as one gets old, one's capacity to control and run the business and responsibilities gets weakened as he does not possess the same energy in old age. (3) all those around take advantage of father's weakness and profit from the fight. (4) father after having attained experience and maturity of wisdom, needs to understand the situation better than the son/daughter who hasn't got that experience and at the same time feels that he/she is right. (5) conflict always leads to destruction, hence the wiser and the experienced one needs to concede, hence comes the role of the father to concede. (6) the earlier father concedes, there is all possibility that son/daughter will work hard to show results better than the ones which have been achieved by the father. That is called PROGRESS and that is how dynasty continues. (7) the earlier the father concedes to the desires of son/daughter and divests himself of the responsibilities, the HAPPIER and in HARMONIOUS RELATIONS WITH HIS SIBLINGS HE WILL ENJOY. (😎 father doesn't need to fear that his son/daughter will waste what he has earned with enormous hardship as ultimately in father's life time or after, he/she is to manage. HENCE FEAR AND EGO NEED TO BE ABANDONED. (😎 IN SHORT, I BELIEVE IT IS FATHER WHO IS TO CONCEDE, THE EARLIER HE ACTS, THE BETTER.