07 February 2020 07:13

SUCCESS HAS ALWAYS REASON TO SUCCEED. Most of us do not appreciate success of someone, especially the one known to us and/or related to us, why so, in general, we most of us feel jealous and invent reasons to disparage the success of a successful person, turn it into a talking point and enjoy with those who share and enjoy our ridicule. Why it is so, especially with those who fail or cannot reach that success, jealousies and to talk ill becomes common to vent their grievances and relieve them of their failure and anger.Instead of becoming positive and analyse reasons for his/her success, we generally turn negative, remain content with what we are and as such do not make any effort to make progress. WHAT IS REQUIRED INSTEAD THAT WE MUST APPRECIATE THE SUCCESS OF OTHERS, ANALYSE OUR WEAKNESSES AND FAILURE, INHERENT AND/OR ACQUIRED, AND MAKE ALL EFFORTS TO GET OVER THOSE WEAKNESSES, MAKE THE SUCCESSFUL PERSON AS OUR MOTTO, ENERGISE OURSELVES, BE CONVINCED THAT I CAN ALSO MEET SUCCESS AND ACHIEVE MY GOAL. IT IS ALSO ESSENTIAL TO KNOW EXAMPLES OF THOSE WHO HAVE SUCCEEDED OUT OF FAILURES, WHICH WILL LEAD US GENERALLY TO CONCLUDE THAT SUCH PERSONS ARE FULLY CONVINCED, DETERMINED AND LEARNT FROM EACH FAILURE, GEARED THEMSELVES FOR THE NEXT, AND LEARNT TO ANYLISE AND TAKE STEPS AS TO HOW AND WHEN THEY COULD REACH THE DESIRED SUCCESS, EACH FAILURE DID NOT DISHEARTEN THEM RATHER MADE THEM STRONGER TO FIGHT FOR ACHIEVEMENT OF THEIR AIM IRRESPECTIVE OF CRITICISM AND/OR DANGER OF LIFE,AND FINALLY THEY REACHED THEIR DESIRED GOAL AND ENJOYED THE LIFE THEREAFTER. Lesson: we must see and believe that succeess has always reason(s), we must search our inner qualities, our resources, look to and analyse our past experience, get associated with the associations and/or successful persons of our desired goal and vocation, believe in ourselves and our strengths,measure success of each and every performance, falter never nor think of giving in, turn into a hard,be afraid of nothing/none, remain imbued always with the end to achieve success and be successful.I PROMISE YOU, SUCCESS WILL NOT BE TOO FAR AND YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IN THE NEAR FUTURE.provided you believe in what I have communicated in the above note and believe also that I AM A WINNER AND SHALL REMAIN A WINNER ALWAYS. tks