13 June 2020 11:07

SUCCESS IS PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT AND HAPPINESS. It creates ambition to succeed in more and more and perhaps it never ends till the life and health can support him/her. Paradoxically, quite a few who are concerned and are related in some way or the other in which family becomes the most important, many feel jealous and to gain or no gain, would do their best to disparage him/her by finding fault or coiling some stories to affect his/her image and achievement. WHY SO, those who can't succeed, find it an easier way to talk ill about others, to enjoy and remain happy and busy.It happens in most of the cases what is called leg pulling while there are hardly few who appreciate the achievement of others and make all efforts to achieve recognition and appreciation in some manner or the other. ACHIEVEMENTS BESIDES PERSONAL SATISFACTION AND HAPPINESS, ALSO BRING IN GREAT MONETARY BENEFITS AND MOST OF THE SUCCESSFUL PERSONS PURSUE ACHIEVEMENTS AS CAREER BUILDING AND TO EARN GREAT MONETARY GAINS WHICH PERHAPS IN SERVICE OR BUSINESS THEY COULD NOT. ... IN THIS PURSUIT, PROMINENCE ALSO TURNS OUT TO BE THE GOAL OF SOME, who find themselves capable, with or without monetary gain. SUCCESS AND PROMINENCE AS SUCH REMAIN THE WISH AND GOAL OF MANY, FEW SUCCEED WHILE MANY GET BUSY IN CRITICISING AND MAKING STORIES AGAINST THE SUCCESSFUL PERSON, NOT MUCH FOR GAIN, BUT TO COVER UP THEIR INABILITY AND ENJOY FUN AND BE HAPPY IN SOME FORM OR THE OTHER. tks