13 September 2020 08:01

IS IT NECESSARY THAT THE GIRL CHANGES HER SURNAME AFTER MARRIAGE. I think no, perhaps it started with man dominated society. Now open society is shaping up and more or less husband and wife are having equal rights. Then why should the girl get her past memories, association and parental name effaced soon after marriage, I think it is total injustice to the girl. HENCE I AM OF THE VIEW THAT THE GIRL AFTER MARRIAGE MUST KEEP HER FAMILY SURNAME 1st AS BEFORE MARRIAGE AND ADD HER HUSBAND'S SURNAME AFTER THAT. THIS ADDITIONAL SURNAME WILL ENABLE SOCIETY AND ALL PLACES OF CONTACT AND DOCUMENATION THAT SHE IS NOW MARRIED, MAYBE IT DEPICTS ALSO THAT BOTH HUSBAND AND WIFE ARE EQUAL WITH EQUAL RIGHTS   SHOULD A GIRL CHANGE HER NAME AFTER MARRIAGE; My view has gone half way as now girls after marriage keep their parents name and add to their name, name of the husband's parents. I think it is more plausible as it gives equality to the girl with regard to her husband as also keeps the bondage and remembrance of roots of her parents and bringing up. As the society is moving fast towards freedom, it is possible that as the boy does not change his name after marriage, the girls may also not like to change their name after marriage. Such a happening will get more pronounced towards equality of gender.The question now and hereafter will develop whether adding the name will bring about equality, I think NO, it shall depend on the attitude, awareness of equality that gender bias if it will not disappear, it will definitely get diluted. I think as nature has not given same physical strengths and traits to man and woman, some sort of bias will remain despite howsoever awareness is developed. Physically man is gets stronger while woman remains weaker physically, though mentally either of them can go stronger by environments, education, status, circumstances, inborn qualities/aptitudes etc. etc. DESPITE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES, I THINK, ACCEPTANCE OF ONE'S ABILITIES WILL OVERCOME GENDER BIAS, AND TRUE UNDERSTANDING OF THIS FACT WILL MAKE THE LIFE OF MALE AND FEMALE AS A MARRIED COUPLE, EASIER, LIVABLE AND ENJOYABLE.   HUSBAND AND WIFE RE;LATIONSHIP IS TAKING DRASTIC CHANGE TO BRING IN EQUALITY BETWEEN HUSBAND AND WIFE AND AS SUCH THERE IS NECESSITY OR COMPULSION THAT WIFE CHANGES HER SURNAME WHICH SHE HAS BEEN USING FOR YEARS BEFORE MARRIAGE AND FURTHER IT LEAVES HER DIGNITY TO THE WIFE.