05 June 2021 10:58

SWEET FRUITS. When I was eating cheeku, it was so sweat that I wondered to think over why it was so sweat. With a thinking around, I observed that it is the seed if it is sweat we will get sweat fruits and if the seed is bitter, we will get bitter like lemons, then we find water melon full of water, coconut full of water, why so, has nature created these means to quench our thirst in summer, I feel gratified. All is the wonder and perplex question. Then quickly it came to my mind whether like seeds, will the children born in the intelligent families be intelligent and whether those born in unintelligent families, will remain unintelligent. Quickly the answer came, as for seeds, fertilizers, watering,care etc. add to the growth of the fruit, in the same manner perhaps, the environments, education, inborn capacities, opportunities, do help the people to get more and more intelligent and even surpass those who are born in intelligent families. CONCLUSION;came to my mind that in intelligent families, the children in general will be intelligent, unless born with some genetic deficiencies, and same is the case with children born in unintelligent families, as for seeds feritilizers, watering, care are crucial, likewise the intelligent born children will shine with opportunities, guidance, opportunities in general more than the children born in unintelligent families, but there are examples of the children born in unintelligent or less intelligent families, who are shining more than the intelligent ones, those are exceptional ones PRINCIPALLY IN RETALIATION TO THE WORST, zeal, opportunities, association, circumstantial pick by some families, hard work, honesty and so on. SUCH ARE THOSE EXCEPTIONS WHO OBSERVE EACH AND EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE, TAKE LESSON FROM EACH SITUATION AND GET DETERMINED TO ACHIEVE. These days we read that many handicapped, poor children are excelling in exams and getting into IAS etc. HENCE SEED IS IMPORTANT TO CULTIVATE, CARE IS ALSO EQUALLY IMPORTANT, SO IS THE CASE WITH THE HUMAN BEINGS. AND LET NOT INITIAL HANDICAPS STOP THE COURAGE AND WILL TO OUTBEAT THESE CHALLENGES. tks