Should love be kept secret or open at public places?

27 November 2017 07:54

I would say it should be in secret and privy to individuals as otherwise it will influence the children to get distracted and the time which is meant for studies and hard work will get wasted resulting in sufferance for the future. However, it is not so at present. Young generation is moving towards more and more freedom in all manners and in all walks of life. Movies, theatres, travel to different developed countries in particular in France, the boy and girl can stand at any open place, streets, metros stations and at any place they wish for especially when they are separating for going to their respective workplaces, travel etc. they embrace and kiss each other and what not in open without feeling shy or ashamed towards bystanders and passersby. Since this system has become customary, no one bothers and if someone sees at, he/she doesn’t care nor feel bothered. Then we find locals in developed countries take it as habitual and ritual while Asians feel hesitant but their children who are born and live in the developed countries, also behave in the same manner as the local ones. Now in movies kissing has become common and in facebook one comes across all forms of love and sex.  Cell phones and selfies are adding to prone pics and vulgarity. The question arises as to should the parents avoid going to movies, theatres etc. and if they decide to go, should they leave their children at home. As it is, it is not possible to leave children at home, parents as such prefer to go to movies etc. with their children, irrespective of what age the child is or children are. It is human nature as you tell your child not to do or not to go in certain area, he/she will be more curious to move about and see for himself/herself, observe and explore liking or disliking irrespective of what for their parents advised them not to do etc. Boy and girl friendship has become quite common irrespective of age. It could from 12 years onward. Contraceptives have added to this relationship and the parents are also getting used to accept this relationship of boy and girl friendship. Let us not forget, this trend of love in open will also follow in developing countries sooner or later. Whether it is good or bad, it is for society to judge. As society is getting used to it, hence to say it is bad will not be correct. In such circumstances, what precautions one could take or what advice one could pronounce?
1. To educate the child that each stage of life is important and at present, studies with good marks are important because if one passes exams with good marks, the better and enjoyable later life he/she will have.
2. Sex has its own implications. One needs to be meticulous to use contraceptives to avoid pregnancy.
3. Sex should be used as minimum as possible and only when necessary and instead one needs to concentrate on studies.
4. be choosy and loyal to your friend and never frequent with many.
5. Better befriend with someone whom one likes in manners, intelligence studious, features etc. to match with one’s desires and goal.