31 August 2021 03:46

TALIBAN, INDIA, KASHMIR AND PAKISTAN. Note: please I am expressing my views as I think that India is going to face lot of problems by Pakistan ,which is being supported by China and despite the fact that Pakistan is sunni while Taliban is shia, I think both will combine to fight against India the question of Kashmir. Both these will be aided by Russia by all its resources and military mite. We know mostly Nepal has twilted toward China, in Bhutan, skimishes and fights are going on with China and Pakistan combined, Srilanka has become already pro-china. Now that America has left and has shown its interest to evacuate their personnel on priority and left thousands and thousands wanting to leave on the mercy of Taliban. Keeping this in view, I do not think America having lost enormous money and personal for 20 years in Afganistan will easily decide to engage in war with Taliban and Pakistan for the sake of India. As for present American adminisration is concerned, I do not think their help will come easily for the sake of India for fight/war for Kashmir. This is a very critical situation and I think India must must seriously consider the present situation and go in for PUBLICITE. The earlier it will be done, the better we will be at peace Despite the fact that Jummu is Hindu region, but I think when the question of Independent Kashmir will be posed, I think both hindus and muslims unitedly will opt for Independent Kashmir like Nepal etc. Once our region of Kashmir becomes independent I believe struggles and agitations will start in POK kashmir to get indepenence and all in POK kashmir will struggle to join with the Indian Part of Kashmir being Kashmeris by themselves and also I do not think they are quite happy and prosperous by being with Pakistan which is economically very poor. Soon as this situation will start happening, Pakistan will feel compelled to get to discussion with India or otherwise to let Kashmir become independent and both India and Pakistan combined control them in finances and military, perhaps in foreign affairs, against any war etc. Once Kashmir problem will get solved, this region India-Pakistan and Taliban, most probably with changed rules and policies, will become a peaceful region. Let us not forget, if America does not interfere, Taliban will never opt for to go in for Russia, as already they have been at war. tks