22 August 2019 08:00

THE DAY SHINES IF ONE SHINES. If one is happy, everything around one will be shining and encouraging and one is in bad shape, everything will look dark and gloomy, as if all is lost, except cursing oneself, one's fate, regrets and revenges nothing else will look as an answer. If one gets up in the morning and feels that one is tired, the whole day will go by in tiresome mood and nothing positive will happen, and if one thinks, one is fit and healthy and has to do such and such job, one will not only succeed to do those but will feel encouraged and happy. EVEN IF THERE IS SLUMBER, MAYBE ONE HAS NOT SLEPT WELL, IF ONE GETS OVER THAT AND WILLS TO FINISH UP CERTAIN JOBS, THAT SLUMBER WILL BE FORGOTTEN AND WILL TO FINISH UP THE DESIRED JOBS DURING A SPECIFIC PERIOD OR EVEN EARLIER, WILL HAPPEN AND BRING HAPPINESS.HENCE OUR THOUGHT BECOMES MOTIVATOR OR DESTROYER AND AS ONE WILLS FOR. tks comments