26 June 2019 07:50

THE POORER ONE IS, THE HARDER HE/SHE WORKS. Why so. It is a compulsion as the one is born, needs to survive and to survive, to fill one's belly and to have a shelter get essential and as one grows, one feels the urge to get married. In contrast, the poorer one is, the more children one has, why so as he/she has no outings except to live and enjoy with each other. IN CONTRAST, THE RICHER ONE IS, THE LESSER ONE FEELS THE URGE TO WORK. Why so, as one possesses all the comforts and luxuries as such does not feel the urge to work, instead all the time such person is busy in socialising, mostly night becomes the day for such persons and day turns to sleep. Night clubs, drugs, meeting and enjoying with all sorts of friends given or created, become pleasure and enjoyment as a mode of life with such persons. HOWEVER THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS ALSO. It is those who come from the rich and elite class, do get chance to study in the best schools, best universities, get opportunities to visit foreign countries, in most such cases, they get into already built-in business by their parents and if not, through higher education, resources and ambition, such persons do marvels in life. ALSO WE FIND THE GREATEST URGE TO PROGRESS AND EXCEL IN LIFE in the middle class, in which mostly those whose parents are working in offices in some comfortable positions, generally shine in life, why so, as they see their parents working hard, get literatures, opportunities to discuss with parents and associates. and get clarifications and also get means to study in good schools, socialise in well-to-do society, get to good universities, attain good general knowledge and thus find selection for coveted posts and so on and gradually move on from middle to the richer class. This cycle of life goes on. IT IS SAID GENERALLY ONE GENERATION BUILDS THE FAMILY, THE NEXT ONE LIVE ON AND PROGRESSES IT FURTHER WHILE THE THIRD ONE DESTROYS IT OF COURSE WITH FEW EXCEPTIONS. Nevertheless the poor one is the harder one works, through his/her strength and not much through intellect while the richer ones count less on their body strength, work more on intellect, motivation and resources. tks