18 January 2021 01:47

DO ABUSING, THRASHING, BEATING ETC. CORRECT THE PERSON'S BEHAVIOUR OR ARE THERE SOME OTHER MEANS POSSIBLE TO BRING IN CORRECTION. 1. beating and thrashing perhaps help when one is in childhood stage ii. in this age also it shall depend on the attitude of the child, some who have weak personality, understand and value the reasons for being thrashed, will tend to correct themselves or at least will not repeat ii. and on the contrary, those who have strong personality and more or less have non-acceptance attitude, will not get corrected, possibly will go into retaliation more and more, 2. when the child will go into adoloscence age, he/she will not easily accept thrashing and/or being abused, and will instead enter into arguments, in the spirit of non-acceptance, and devoid of correction. 3. when one gets adult, the child picks up his/her dignity and would not tolerate even being abused, least to think of being thrashed. HENCE AS THE CHILD CONTINUES GROWING IN AGE, THE THRASHING, BEATING AND EVEN ABUSING WILL CONTINUE REDUCING AND WHEN THE CHILD BECOMES ADULT, IT WILL BECOME NON-EXISTENT. B. same behaviour of the child is repeated in the schools and colleges as well. C. MEASURES OF CORRECTION ARE ALSO RESORTED TO EXTRACT OBEDIENCE AND FOR THAT EXIST POLICE, COURTS, JAILS ETC. 1. in case of traffic police, we find them generally concentrating on imposing challans more and more in number and amount. 2. we find courts pronouncing hard and harder punishments initially by fines and in extreme situations put to jail for longer and longer period and devising various means for punishment, light or rigorous etc. and so on, finally to be hanged. I FEEL ALL THESE COERCIVE MEASURES MANY A TIME HARDEN A PERSON THAN CORRECTING HIM/HER AND IF INSTEAD FOLLOWING MEASURES ARE TAKEN, THERE IS GREAT POSSIBILITY TO CORRECT THE REPULSIVE AND DISOBEDIENT PERSON THAN RESORTING TO THRASHING, BEATING, PUTTING IN MORE AND MORE PUNISHMENTS AND PENALTIES: 1. to analyse why the child or the adult is behaving like this whether i. is it because of financial handicap ii. laws are abusive iii. life in jail is better than living outside iv. discrimination of society by caste, creed, religion, etc. v. desire to change the system, rules and laws vi. to take revenge etc. etc. it is also possible the child is brought up in an atmosphere wherein the parents had been abusing each other and fighting all the time it is also possible that the child has got into bad company and/or has been tempted to easy and more enjoyable life it is also possible some love and enjoy in disobedience. ONCE THE CIRCUMSTANCES AND THE INHERENT ATTITUDE OF CHILD AND ADULTS ARE ANALYSED, then it becomes essential to devise corrective measures case by case, which could go in (1) get into discussion by showing the case study and thus engaging in to know more about the reasons and backgrounds. (b) explanation and guidance to bring out the advantages of acceptance and disadvantages of non-acceptance . (c) creating and/or providing the means and avenues needed. IN CONCULSION I THINK EXPLANATION AND GUIDANCE SHALL ENSURE BETTER RESULTS IN CORRECTION THAN JUST ABUSING, THRASHING, IMPOSING MORE AND MORE PENALTIES AND HARDENING MORE AND MORE PUNISHMENTS. HENCE THERE IS NEED TO CORRECT OUR SYSTEMS, LAWS, METHOD OF IMPLEMENTATION AND FOR PARENTS TO CHANGE THEIR BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS THEIR CHILDREN TO GIVE MORE TIME TO UNDERSTAND THEM, BE WITH THEM, EXPLAIN THEM AND GUIDE THEM TO THE DESIRED COURSE OF ACTION. tks --------------------------------- visualised by vasdevloond, founder of marriage guidance new concept NGO, cost free marriage bureau to contact: vasdevloond 9811943867