02 December 2020 06:19

TO BE BORN IN A POOR FAMILY IS A CURSE BUT IS AN OPPORTUNITY AS WELL. Few make it while many live and die in their miseries, destiny, few remain contented while many live crying and cursing. It is a curse as we see them every day living in miserable conditions while on the other hand see afew enjoying the wealth and luxuries of life, created or usurped, at the cost and maybe at the helplessness and patience of the poor people. Alas the poor do not revolt as I feel, the poor one is, the more on believes in destiny, fate, reward of their past actions and perhaps GOD wants them to live that way. For the rich it is good, as the REVOLT does not come about. Anyway that is life, I won't go much about it. I have also said to be born POOR IS AN OPPORTUNITY AS WELL. Why do I believe and say about it is the fact that in business, vocations etc. we say those who are groomed they are the BEST LEADERS, BEST ADMINISTRATORS and so on. Why so, because they live in the realities, experience these realities, learn from these realities, get skilled from these realities, and thus turn out to be the CREATOR OF NEW SYSTEMS, NEW IDEOLOGIES, NEW DREAMS AND BRING ABOUT A REVOLUTION IN THEIR SPHERE, IN THE COUNTRY AND IN THE WORLD. There are so many living examples, needless to talk about, as you all know about them. IN THE END, I WILL SAY THAT THE RICH ENJOYS THE LUXURIES WHILE THE POOR, THOUGH FEW ONES, EVEN THE EXCEPTIONS, BRING ABOUT THE REAL CHANGE AND REVOLUTIONS. HENCE I THINK ONE SHOULD NOT CURSE WHERE AND HOW ONE IS BORN, ONE MUST STRIVE AND STRUGGLE TO GROOM ONESELF, CREATE OPPORTUNITIES, TRUST, LOVE AND BE A FIRM BELIEVER THAT ONE IS MEANT FOR AND IS CAPABLE TO DO SOMETHING FOR ONESELF AND FOR HUMANITY. ALL IS POSSIBLE IN IF ONE WISHES FOR, STRUGGLES FOR, MEASURES SUCCESS AT EVERY STAGE, STEPS ON TO THE OTHER BUT MOST IMPORTANT IS THAT ONE REMAINS CONTENTED BUT AMBITIOUS, KEEPS CONTACT WITH ONE'S PAST AND REMAINS HUMANE. HELPS AND ADMIRES THE SUCCESS OF THE HELPLESS AND POOR ONES. tks ONE NEEDS TO BE CONVINCED THAT THE HARDER THE BEATINGS AND DIFFICULTIES, ONE MUCH MORE STRONGER THAN ALL THESE IN THE SAME MANNER AS THE MORE ONE STRIKES AT THE IRON SHEET, IT TURNS INTO STEAL.