10 April 2021 03:01

TO BE SUCCESSFUL, A FEW TIPS; 1. believe in you and your inherent strengths 2. look around, be inspired for COMPETITION always 3. aim and struggle to be the 1st in the field you chose 4. be versatile to change with circumstances as these are to happen in any case and always 4. be visionary and as such get to do predictions 5. never get faltered and dissipated with failures, get to readings and literature to know about those persons who became successful in life and get inspired by their experience 6. never think where and in which adverse circumstances you are born 7. be CREATOR OF OPPORTUNITIES AND ALSO IT IS IMPORTANT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OPPORTUNITY WHEN IT OPENS UP 8. will hear immense discouraging pronouncements, take note of those but REMAIN DETERMINED ALWAYS TO MOVE FORWARD TO REACH AT WHAT YOU HAVE DECIDED TO ACHIEVE 9. believe in and decide on the purpose of life whether to go by routine or do something which you are determined to do irrespective of fear of life in any manner 10. NEVER FORGET TO BE HUMBLE AND HUMANE ALWAYS maybe prayers by all your fans will help you to reach success and will also be an encouragement to look back and be inspired for the future. These are a few tips, but do remember each one finds his/her own way to get to SUCCESS. tks