13 March 2021 04:07

TO DESTROY OTHER(S) GENERALLY GIVES HAPPINESS IRRESPECTIVE OF WHETHER IT IS FOR ONE'S BENEFIT OR NOT. Answer: I think ego and jealousies are the main causes. It does not matter whether one is in relationship or not but in general it happens when one can't succeed over one's competitor, perceived or in reality, one's prefers to employ all means to destroy such persons, it can be in family, with colleagues, outsiders known and unknown. At times because of this fact, one feels when one learns that the other has failed, is injured, is suffering in health, losses, in family conflicts, in competition, in race, idiology, even perception of other nations against one's own. Is it is not contradictory that we all talk of love but in reality enjoy all films of fights. see matches, akharas etc. and even stop to enjoy on roadside when two or more persons are fighting. WHY THIS INSTINCT?. ANSWER IN BRIEF LIES IN THE FACT WHAT ONE IS MISSING OR ONE CANNOT ACHIEVE, ONE PREFERS TO DESTROY THE OTHER, PERHAPS THAT HE/SHE WILL BE LEFT ALONE TO BE APPRECIATED, BENEFITED AND ENJOY THE GLORY/PROMINENCE ETC. solution: if we really believe in love, competition, progress and prosperity of other((s) and get used and contented with our capacity and capabilities, I think, our feeling of ego and jealousy will subside and all above feelings as cited above will overpower. WE FIND IN REAL LIFE. CONFLICTS OF ANY SORT RESULT IN DESTRUCTION AND WELL-WISHING AND BUILDING UP RELATIONS TAKE TO PROSPERITY AND ENJOYMENT. Thus never be afraid of competition, build up conviction that I have the wits, capabilities and determination to succeed and overcome my competitors, essentially to believe firmly that I can progress and prosper only when I am faced to compete with others and it is others existence which incites and excites me to use all my resources to turn out to be successful. tks