14 August 2019 05:16

TO FIGHT WITH CHILDREN IS A CRIME, UNFORGETTABLE AND UNPARDONABLE. Conflicts with wife and even fights do quite often result in reconciliation but it is not so with the children. Soon as children become adult, earn their own living and get into liking, love affair etc. form their own views and opinions, the parents need to be conscious and considerate, which unfortunately in most cases does not happen mainly parents assume that the children are still small ones, they have to accept what the parents wish and say and moreso must be respected as the children were in their childhood. UNFORTUNATELY when children get adult, it does not happen. THIS DECEPTION WITH THE PARENTS BRINGS IN CONFLICT DUE TO FEELING OF SELF-RESPECT AND EGO and as such the relationship starts deteriorating based on the fact that children have become independent, believe in their own views as the right ones, also mostly believe that the parents do not live with the present, rather that parents remain firm in their views believing that they have seen the life and have gained lot of experience, which their children do not have, who perhaps will realise when their children will grow up. RESULTANT EFFECT is that the children move away from the parents, remember the past how their parents behaved, mostly in negative, ignoring how much good parents did to bring them up to the present situation as they are in today, The more the children move away from parents in living, in views, beliefs, discussions etc. the chances to get into conflict grow stronger and stronger, moreso when the parents start growing old. On the other hand, parents miss their children but remain embedded with their ego and expectations, which generally does not happen. HENCE THE ADVICE IS, DO THE BEST NOT TO CONFLICT WITH THE CHILDREN AND INSTEAD BELIEVE IN LOVE AND RECONCILIATION, NOTHING TO SAY AND DO WHICH OFFEND THE CHILDREN. tks