13 September 2023 05:24

TO FILL CONFIDENTIAL REPORT BY BOSS FOR THE EMPLOYEES WORKING UNDER HIM/HER IS A VERY DIFFICULT JOB QUESTION ARISES WHAT ARE HIS/HER DIFFIFULTIES? THESE CONSIST IN 1. ANY EMPLOYEE IS STAFF COUNSIL MEMBER OR SECRETARY 2. ONE IS AFFILIATED WITH UNION OR IS A UNION LEADER 3.INEFFICIENT WORKER BUT VERY RESPECTFUL AND OBEDIENT 4. DOES NOT BOTHER FOR HISHER BOSS BUT IS VERY LIKED BY HIGHER UP BOSS/BOSSES ETC. ETC. 1ST AND FOREMOST ANSWERS LIES IN THAT THE MANAGEMENT MUST CONSTITUTE A COMMITTEE OF SUCH BOSSES WHO ARE CONCERNED WITH THE WORKING OF THIS CONCERNED AND/OR OF TOTAL DEPARTMENT WHO ARE FULLY/GENERALLY AWARE OF THE WORKING OF THE STAFF WORKING UNDER THIS PARTICULAR BOSS AND/OR FULL DEPARTMENT. 2. HOW THE CONCERNED BOSS WHO IS ALSO MEMBER OF THE COMMITTEE, IS TO FILL IN THE CONFIDENTIAL REPORTS OF HIS EMPLOYEES IN RESPECT OF ALL THOSE AS MENTIONED ABOVE. (A) staff council member/secretary: if the boss does not give good report, then his/her work will hamper and/or these persons will form a group against the boss and shall do all to make the work suffer and the boss is not appreciated by his/her higher bosses. ANSWER; the boss must keep a personal rapport with such persons so that such persons feel they are being given full regard and respect and in turn, the boss asks them as and when they want any leave or have to come late or go early, occasionally, there would not be any problem but it is ESSENTIAL THAT THEY MUST FINISH THEIR ASSIGNED JOB to enable the boss to show such employees” good performance and as such recommend for increments/bonus/promotion etc. He gives good report for such employees 2. Union Member/Union Leader: such a person is comparatively more difficult to handle, as such persons are more violent, threaten inside and outside and generally do not do much work nor do they concentrate in their work. Answer: with such a person, the boss has to be diplomatic and more tolerant, make sure never to get into conflict, rather remain tolerant to the extent as if such person does not exist at all BUT SUCH PERSON COMMITS THAT HE/SHE WILL CAUSE NO DISTURBANCE IN THE WORK OF HIS/HER COLLEAGUES NOR OTHERS IN THE COMPANY and in order that work of such person or pendency thereof, is done by the loyal and efficient employees of the boss. As the committee members will be in full knowledge of such persons, hence the concerned boss should give a normal report but be careful not and never to give adverse report. ONE WHO DOES NOT BOTHER FOR HIS BOSS BUT IS IN GOOD BOOKS OF HIGHER BOSSES. Such persons could be relative of higher boss/bosses or is extra efficient employee who is always available to do any and every urgent job and get that done through others. ANSWER; never and never the concerned boss should feel antagonized by behavior of such a person, rather keep very harmonious relations with him/her in the interest of the organization and AS SUCH TO GIVE GOOD REPORT FOR SUCH A PERSON. THE BOSS IS REQUIRED TO PREPARE A TEAM OF LOYAL AND EFFICIENT EMOLOYEES TO ENSURE THAT BOSS’S WORK IS DONE WELL AND HE/SHE IS APPRECIATED BY HIGHER BOSSES. FOR SUCH PERSONS, THE BOSS MUST RECOMMEND AS BEST REPORT AS HE/SHE THINKS AND ALSO TO ENSURE THAT MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE DO NOT THINK THAT HE/SHE FAVOURING HIM/HER UNJUSTIABLY. NOW WHEN THE CONFIDENTIAL REPORTS WILL BE ASSESSED, IT IS POSSIBLE THAT SOME OF HIS/HER RECOMMENDATINS ARE NOT ACCEPTED DUE TO THE FACT THAT REST OF THE MEMBERS KNOW MORE OR LESS ABOUT THE WORKING OF SUCH PERSONS. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THIS CONCERNED BOSS MUST EXPLAIN TO THEM HIS COMPULSIONS AND ALSO EXPLAIN THAT THE WORKING OF HIS SECTION HAS ALWAYS BEEN GOOD AS DESIRED AND THAT THE COMMITTEE MUST DO ALL TO ACCEPT HIS/HER RECOMMENDATIONS. IT IS SOME OF HIS/HER RECOMMENDATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED, THEN HOW THE CONCERNED BOSS EXPLAIN TO THE AFFECTED PERSON; THE CONCERNED BOSS MUST CALL SUCH PERSON AND EXPLAIN THAT AS FOR HE/SHE IS CONCERNED, HE/SHE HAS GIVEN GOOD REPORT AND PLEADED THE BEST POSSIBLE, BUT THE COMMITTEE MEMBERS ARE ALSO AWARE AS TO HOW EACH OF THE EMPLOYEE IS WORKING, AS SUCH IT IS THEIR DECISION ASSUCH I AM HELPLESS AND REGRET BUT ASSURES SUCH PERSON(S) IF HE/SHE/THEY WORK WELL AS THEY SEE ABOUT THEIR COLLEAGUES WHO HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE BENEFITS IN INCREMENT/BONUS/PROMOTION, HE ASSURES SUCH PERSONS IF THEY WOK WELL, SURELY IN THE NEXT OPPORTUNITY, THEY WILL ALSO BE REWARDED BY ALL MEANS AND FOR SUCH A PERFORMANCE, IF THEY NEEDED ANY GUIDANCE AND ADVICE FROM HIM, LET THEM BE FREE TO MEET HIM, EXPLAIN WHAT HE/SHE IS FACING IN HIS WORKING/ENVIRONMENT, IT IS HIS JOB TO ADVICE/GUIDANCE AND ENSURE THAT PROPER ENVIRONMENT IS CREATED MORE OR LESS AS DESIRED. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. By vasdevloondloond contact 9811943867