12 February 2021 09:34

TO HAVE A HAPPY RELATIONSHIP, IT IS ESSENTIAL TO TO FIND A NICE PERSON. It is the wish of everyone, both boy and girl, but the question arises HOW. I as founder of Marriage Guidance New Concept have written down HOW TO TO SELECT A PARTNER. Besides I will suggest it is essential to read about books on marriage and on my part I have written down SYLLABUS FOR MARRIAGE GUIDANCE AND EDUCATION. Besides knowing various forms of marriage, merits and demerits of each and in conclusion what could be the best form of marriage. it is essential to analyse one's own habits, manners, way of living, likings and dislikings, strengths and weaknesses, then to pinpoint at what precisely one wants will facilitate to find the desired soulmate and enjoy fine relationship which in my views is the base and thereafter to strengthen it, both need to appreciate each other and both are supported by honesty, frank communication, adjustment and accepting the fact that 2 individuals coming into relationship from different bringing up and culture, are naturally to be different in views and behaviours etc. AND AS SUCH UNDERSTANDING, ACCOMMODATION,, TO KEEP UP HONEST RELATIONSHIP, TO UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT THAT BOTH ARE INTER-DEPENDABLE AND COMPLEMENTARY TO EACH OTHER AND AS SUCH TO DO ALL POSSIBLE NOT TO ACT OR SAY SOMETHING WHICH MAKES THE OTHER ONE UNHAPPY AND ANNOYED. IF well understood, executed well with full consciousness and faithfulness, I believe, life will turn out to be marvelous one. tks