22 December 2020 11:33

OLD TEACHES, TO REMAIN QUIET IS THE BEST ANSWER. -kya vakat tha voh hee -jab hum bhagtai thai hava sai tez hee -chaltai hain hum ab laathee kai saharai hee -kaam main masroof thai itnain -keh fursat kabhee thee hee nahi -aur ab fursat hai lekin kaam hee nahin - tarastai thai tab hum aaram karnai aur sonai kai liyai hee -ab sotai rehtai hain lekin uthnain kee himat hotee hee nahin -kartai thai hum tab aankh macholian hee -ab ankhain to hain lekin dekh patai hee nahin, -kahan gayee vo macholian aur kahan rehai gai hum ab -khatai thai hum pathar bhee, hazam ho jata tha voh hazam har tarah sai hee -ab kya hai yeh vakat, roti bhee hazam hoti hee nahin -kya thee voh javani aur kya tha voh joban bhee -ab to hai yeh burahapa voh josh hee nahin -kartai thai hum sab mil kar makhool larkiyon par bhee -suntai thai aur sunatai thai hum sab makhol kartai huai and mazai uratai huai hee -hota ab makhool hum par aur hamarai burapai par bhee -chup rehtai hain magar sochtai hain hum zaroor jawab denai kai liyai hee -himat hoti nahin humain unhain kuchh kehnai kai liyai hee -pachhtatai rehtai hain hum aur dil hee dil main ghultai rehtai hain hum -aur kartai rehtai hain hum yaad har vakat apnee beetee huyee zindgee ko hee -lachar aur bebas rehtai hain hum har vakat hee -nan kar saktai hain hum kuchh aur nan rahee hai voh himat bhee -rehtai thai hum masroof apnain main hee -na aur kuchh soch thee aur nan kuchh taman bhee -bas ab beet rahee yeh zindgee aur betana hai issai humain zaroor -khushi main, hans kar ya ro kar bhee -kartai thai hum koshish har parkar sai hee -dil laganai and dil ko uljhanai kai liyai hee -afsos to hai yeh ab humain -puranee batain bhoolana bhee chahain lekin bhoola saktai hee nahin hum inko kabhee hee -ab to kya karain hum - koshish kartai hain hum bahut - raat ko sonai kai liyai hee -magar khab hee khab aatai rehtai hain aur need aatee hee nahin -din charhta hai, dil karta hai uthnai kai liya aur kuchh karnai kai liyai hee -lekin kya kahain hum kumbakht himat hotee hee nahin -magar katain hain koshish phir bhee uthnai kee aur kuchh chhutai huai kamon ko karnai kee bhee -bas ab letai rehtai hain hum -apnai apnai soch vicharon main hee -dil chahta hai ab kuchh vakat bachon kai saath beetai kai liyai hee -kuchh sunai kai liya aur kuchh apnee beetee batanai kai liyai hee -bas ab hum sochtai hee sochtai rehtai hain din bhar hee -nan bachon kai pass hota hai vakat kabhee aur na hotee hai unhain dilchaspi hamari baton ko sunnain kai liyai hee -belkeh samajhatai hain voh -yeh sab batain hain fazool kee hee -janatai nahin hum bilkul hee nahin -vakat badal gaya hai aur tarikai bhee har parkar sai hee -bas khamosh ho jatai hain hum -nan kuchh keh patai hain aur nan nan kartai hain himat hum -bas ab yahee hai burahpa aur yahee hai zindgee -CHUP REHNA HEE HAI ACHHA AUR YEHEE HAI AB ZINDGEE SAREE. ................................................................... english: what a wonderful time was that when we used to run faster than whirwind.and what are these day when we cannot walk even and have to take stick lest we fall down. We were so busy that there was no time to rest and sleep well while now there is time but there is no work at all. We want to get up early in the morning but do not have that strength enough to rise and do something. What wonderful were those day when we all in groups used to enjoy hide and seek whil now though we have eyes, neither we can see nor enjoy those hides and seeks. Gone are those days when even tiny stones we were eating, we could digest these while now even chapati we can't digest now. What were those days when we used to laugh and cut jokes on girls and now these girls laugh on us and on our old age too while we want to say, but can't say anything in this helpless oldge as well. We want to get sleep, but can't have it either, whole night passes in the past and dreams, in the morning we want to get up early, but neither we have strengh nor capacity to get up. Thus whole day passes in thinking and brooding over our past. We think and hope when the children will come, we will talk to them about how we passed our day and how we spent our life, but alas neither they have time nor the intention to listen to us, thinking it is just wast of time and that we do not know world has changed and also all the systems as well. Thus we are left thinking, repenting and remain busy in recalling our past glories. Thus the conclusion remain: Life goes on, old age shall also pass, BETTER SPEND IT AS IT IS AND LEARN TO KEEP QUIET, SAY NOTHING NEITHER IN GOOD NOR IN BAD. .................................................................. narrated by vasdev founder of marriage guidance new concept NGO certified for its name and logo, it is cost free marriage bureau, to contact vasdevloond 9811943867