15 December 2020 02:04

TO LIVE ALONE AND DIVORCES ARE ON THE INCREASE. I am doing my best as much as I can but it needs awareness which could be brought in through NGOs and the Government. Simple speeches and propaganda are not enough. Literature, open offices in various cities with volunteers and especially with elder ones to bring in awareness will reverse the trend. Government pursuit to dissuade the warring ones, to explore reasons and to counsel will go a long. Mediation centres do exist, which look to legal aspects but I think these if and when will be staffed by those who are staunch believers, feel committed and devote themselves to this cause as a mission, and if quick steps are not taken it will be difficult to halt this trend. My experience shows many who divorce are not aware as to how difficult it will be to lead the life after divorce and do jump into divorce as an answer to their difference of views and accommodation. HENCE I THINK LET DIFFERENCES NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE AGGRAVATED, MEDIATION BY SINCERITY AND SECRECY AND OPENNESS AND TO PUT FORWARD THE CONSEQUENCES OF DIVORCE, WILL HELP A LOT TO AVOID DIVORCES. DISSUASION AT INITIAL STAGE AND EXPLANATION ABOUT AFTER EFFECTS OF DIVORCE COULD BE THE BEST ANSWER, I think so. TKS DIVORCE IS NOT THE ANSWER EXCEPT IN EXTREMES BUT IT IS ESSENTIAL TO KNOW AND DECIDE AS TO HOW TO LIVE LIFE AFTER DIVORCE.