27 April 2020 08:58

TO REMAIN CHEERFUL AND HAPPY IS AN ART, WHILE OTHERS REQUIRE LEARNING, TO REMAIN CHEERFUL NEEDS ANALYSIS CONVICTION AND ACTION. ... THEN HOW TO DO IT. 1. try to analyse what disturbs you 2. jot down all causes and then prioritise them, putting the simplest one at the top, followed up by the rest to the extent they disturb you and putting these in graduation 3. on the first day take up the simplest one(s) with full conviction that you have to reach and achieve your goal of getting cheerful and happy 4. you will find that it is very easy to get over those causes in the same manner as one wants to reach the top of the roof and to climb on the initial steps as such does not take any effort. 5. practice it for a few days until you feel that you have got full control on those causes and got rid of their recurrence and effect 5. once you succeed in the 1st step, get convinced that you can certainly achieve your goal, then move on to the next step in the priorities you have fixed. 6. do not jump to the next until and unless you have mastered and get sure that these causes at completely eliminated and will never crop again. 7. continue going from one step to the other, practice it to the fullest leaving no scope of its emerging again 8. do remember the more and more you will get to tackle difficult situations, it will take more time to practice and eradicate these. 9. success, conviction and looking down will embolden you that you have already eradicated so many difficulties and the rest as such are not only reachable but are achievable. 10. do remember the higher you will go to eradicate difficult situations, it will take more and more time and harder it will be to overcome such difficult situations, attitudes, habits and circumstances etc. etc. I am sure you would have learnt that successful persons beat their own record in games, studies, researches, prominence, businesses etc. etc. then why you should not be able to achieve your goal which is achievable and there are so many examples already existing. REMEMBER; once you have achieved the goal to remain cheerful and happy, be aware and cautious not to allow any of the situations to disturb your achievement, howsoever hard and painful these maybe. I assure you once this attitude is developed and is followed by determination, you will remain cheerful and happy irrespective of what may happen.tks