07 January 2022 08:57

TRADE UNIONISM IN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES MUST BE BANNED. I am of this firm view as unionism creates groups, encourage conflicts and leadS them to indulge in fights and hooliganism. Besides political parties indulge in to support one union or the other as per their respective ideology. The union leaders get more and more to gain influence against the other group and also get in touch with influential leaders to enter into politics after studies through their political contacts. AS A RESULT THEREOF POLITICS BECOME MORE IMPORTANT THAN TO CONCENTRATE ON STUDIES FOR WHICH THEY GET INTO COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. We see now this uniionism has turned out to the worst whereby some of the students are extremely injured and perhaps these injuries will affect them through whole of their life and maybe some may get handicapped. Besides the atmosphere in the universities and colleges has turned vicious and turned in groups as enemies. THE EARLIEST THIS UNIIONISM IS BANNED IN THE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES, THE BETTER IT WILL BE FOR THE STUDENTS TO CONCENTRATE ON STUDIES AND TO TAKE TO ANY VOCATION OF THEIR CHOICE AFTER THEY FINISH THEIR STUDIES. DURING STUDY TIME THE STUDENTS ARE FREE TO EXPRESS THEIR VIEWS, INVITE CRITICISM AND FIRM THEIR VIEWS AS THEY WISH FOR. IF SOME WANT TO TAKE POLITICS, THEY HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO GET TO IT AFTER STUDIES AND AS SUCH THEY WILL BE HAVING BETTER KNOWLEDGE OF THE PROS AND CONS OF THE VIEWS THEY HOLD AND WANT TO PUT FORWARD TO THE PEOPLE AND MAKE THEIR PRESENCE IN POLITICS. tks.