04 May 2021 12:47

TRUST IS MOST IMPORTANT IN LIFE TO DEAL WITH IN FAMILY, RELATIONS, FRIENDS AND THOSE WORKING WITH US IN BUSINESS OR OTHERWISE. .. CAUTION.. trust building is a long process. It depends on how the other person is standing to his/her commitment and our realisation and appreciation if he/she faults sometime we need to be composed to talk gently, sympathise and get to know his/her difficulties and circumstances, and if possible I feel instead to become duty bound, to console and give advice politely and compassionately, without showing an iota of displeasure or doubt. I am sure, such a behaviour and action will enable us to build trust and win friends. IN THIS QUEST, TRUST AMONGST THE COUPLE BECOMES MOST IMPORTANT TO ENSURE HAPPY MARRIED LIFE AND TO MAKE PROGRESS. ... friends are essential in life, and true friends are generally those who have common interests and are frank to open their heart to each other and discuss without reservation, why so, because such a friendship is built on TRUST and not on interests. It is also said that true friends are those who are developed in young age in schools and colleges. Why so, because over a certain amount of time studying together and developing liking for each other, forms the foundation of true friendship to gossip, enjoy good or bad, spend past time for studies or plays etc. etc. As in this age there are no responsibilities and no set-backs of life, friendship gets cemented and TRUST BECOMES UNQUESTIONABLE... ESSENTIAL: friendship does need a search why we are looking for a friend with and for a self-oriented purpose or really need some friends to spend some time with them and relieve myself of the responsibilities and worries of life and also possibly to take their views about my problems etc. etc. ALL THIS HAPPENS WHEN TRUST IS BUILT UP SO STRONG IN FAITH THAT WHATEVER DISCUSSED OR TALKED OVER, WILL NOT GET DIVULGED OR SPOKEN TO ANYONE ELSE. .. It also needs to be remembered that TRUST building takes lot of time, compassion and at times sacrifice too. In short, one needs to remember that ONE CANNOT LIVE LIFE WITHOUT TRUST, AS SUCH TRUST BUILDING IS ESSENTIAL. WITH WHOM AND FOR HOW LONG, depends on relationship and the purpose for which it was created and what is the need to continue with it despite odds and doubts at times. tks