TRUTH..... 15-11-2-

15 November 2020 05:52

TRUTH is a difficult path, it needs conviction, steadfastness, capacity to accept and bear shocks, better die but never to compromise on truth despite many promises, temptations tortures of all sorts while LIE brings quick results, one is benefitted and in many cases becomes winner, in fact all these remain material gains for sometime and soon or later one's conscience speaks out especially when downfall starts happening, all gains start crumbling,, ending up in repentance and generally one does not find someone to recount, except perhaps confessions in temples and churches and in doing all to reduce the resultant curse. HOWEVER TRUTH NEEDS TO ACCEPT TO WHAT EXTENT IT IS TRUE AND BASED ON THE FACTS, for example when foundation of a building is laid, how much sand has been mixed up in the cement will embolden the strength or weaken it. . Hence truth is like cement to keep strength to the building, likewise is the truth like cement or some sort of sand has been added to it. Jai Prakash Narain is the solid example, despite being offered dy. prime ministership, he never bothered being put in jail, being treated with all cruelties, he turned out as a winner and finally opted to continue in his struggle than getting to any position in the Opposition parties government. THIS IS REAL TRUTH WHICH SATISFIES ONE'S CONSCIENCE AND STRENGTHEN HIM/HER TO BEAR ALL CONSEQUENCES, WHATEVER SORTS THESE ARE. tks