12 February 2021 03:28

VEXING PROBLEMS ARE TAXING, HEALTH BREAKERS AND VANISH ONLY WHEN LIFE ENDS UNLESS TAKEN QUICK ACTION TO FIND SOLUTION FOR THESE. Before these the extreme shapes, I think, it is necessary to analyse causes:1. we do not want to disclose keeping their confidentiality etc. etc. 2. not to annoy or displease other(s) 3. being afraid of repulsion, ridicules etc. 4. feel to be ignored 5. perhaps terming us as habitual 6. concluding that we are adamant etc. etc LOOKING TO THE GRAVITY OF BEING AND/OR REMAINING VEXED NEEDS AN ANSWER TO AVOID IRREPARABLE DAMAGE TO HEALTH, FORMING IT INTO HABIT AND AS SUCH IGNORING TO SOCIALISE. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS seem to be; 1. discuss with someone confidant 2. look about someone who could give a patient hearing and give the desired answer 3. to talk to someone is essential as explained in 1 and 2 as keeping the troubling matter to oneself and not sharing with someone will continue aggravating and resulting into keeping oneself aloof and isolated 4. to believe that each problem has an answer, then why not to look into reasons, spell out various options and take action 5. believe that unless quick action despite resistance, opposition, accusations etc. is not taken, it could damage one's health and possibly affect one's working and efficiency thereof 6. could lead to sleeplessness and result in irritant behaviour etc. etc. HENCE IT IS ESSENTIAL TO SHARE ONE'S VEXING AND TEETHING PROBLEM(s) WITH SOMEONE OF ONE'S CHOICE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE LEST IT/THESE TURN INTO INCURABLE DISEASE. tks