29 February 2020 06:19

WHAT ACTION TO BE TAKEN IF ONE'S DAY PLANNING DOES'NT GO WELL? One must look to reasons and analyse. Reasons could extraneous not in one's control and/or these could be one could not cope with. For jobs under one's control could not be finished, one needs to know reasons whether jobs were planned over-capacity, or some of these were under evaluated or time was lost as lot time was wasted in travel, discussions and for lack of information etc. AS FOR EXTERNAL circumstances are concerned, these could be visualised by giving some margins of time allocation and if still the jobs remain unfinished, one needs to take these as routines, as mostly we in the case of lawyers in the courts, etc. etc. ANSWERS FOR EXTERNAL CIRCUMSTANCES. 1. to delegate to junior based on his/her competence and experience 2. , sharply and quickly switch over to the next job 3. plan as to the time gap left between assignments, the best it could be used 4. if unable to do during the day, to overcome by working late hours CAUTION in exception and not in routine etc. etc. , AS FOR INTERNAL LAPSES ARE CONCERNED, these are within one's capacity and are controllable. ACTION; to analyse one job after the other, how much extra was consumed and to hurry up for the next to make up 2. if still unable, then divide the entire job to before lunch and after lunch and do your best to complete time lost within these two intervals and if still remains unfinished, to take on priority to the next day 3. depending on the status one is holding, subjects of minor importance are handed over to juniors 4. prepare juniors enough competent to compile desired information and to give the notes/file with various questions and answers which will enable the senior one to reflect on various options proposed and take decision, thus a lot time of the senior will be saved 4. if dealing with persons visiting his/her office, then question to be obtained through phone, mail etc,, discuss with juniors, get ready with possible answers and then fix the time for meeting, thus not much time will be taken by the visitor, the senior as such could find enough time to think and plan. MUST REMEMBER, OVERWORK COULD AFFECT ONE'S HEALTH, POSSIBLE TO MAKE MISTAKES, LOSE ONE'S TEMPER, POSSIBLY NOT GIVING SATISFACTION TO ONESELF AND TO THE CUSTOMERS. THUS LIES THE ANSWER IN DELEGATION AND TO ENSURE TO REMAIN SUFFICIENTLY FREE TO REFLECT AND PLAN. Practice and analysis will enable one to plan well, overcome odds, not to feel repentant, rather look to answers how to complete the work, be free for consultation, visits, planning and to regulate one's life for work and enjoyment. tks