30 November 2019 10:26

ADULT what does it mean: In my view when one can 1.take decisions on his/her own 2. owns responsibilitities 3. does his/her own earning 4. is capable to distinguish between good and bad 5. discusses, understands and decides on what he/she feels is right 6. learns to face and/or shape life to his/her efforts and liking 7. learns parenthood and decides on his/her course of action 8. believes and stands committed to that he/she has learnt what initially was required, and that now he/she is to sail alone and if married, to sail together. 9. learns how and in what manner to carve out his/her course of action 10.learns how to cope up with society, relations, colleagues,neighbours, beliefs, viewpoints, crtitcisms etc. There could be many more, but the above illustrated are the essential ones to categorise oneself as an ADULT. comments: