WHAT IS GOOD O BAD ? 14-11-19

14 November 2019 12:56

GOOD AND BAD. What is good and what is bad I think is related to (1) rules and regulations obedience (2) how we are brought up and what our parents believed and taught us as good or bad (3) school/college teaching (4) reading and writing (5) environments and circumstances (6) change of status and progress (6) one's conscience, deliberation and decision (7) observation and experience of certain happenings and incidents (8) social and economic compulsions etc etc. I remember even a drop of liquour taken by my father I took it as a bad habit and now I with change of material and social status, I think a small peg of drink is socialising. Hence what was bad at one time is now a matter of enjoyment, convenience and affordability. HENCE I FEEL BAD IS (1) what is against the law and order (2) what is against society, social laws and beliefs (3) which discriminate and hurt others for our own benefit (4) our conscience resists and revolts to convince us that such and such action is bad as we find some eat meat as it takes to killing while others do not (5) what is necessary in socialising and keep up the social status but in caution and awareness about affordability, health, seldom and casual and consciousness not to take it to habit, for example smoking is bad as it affects lungs and can cause heart trouble while small drink casual and on certain occasions is taken as time passing and conducive to health. HENCE CHANGE OF STATUS, SOCIETY, ENVIRONMENTS ETC. DO ALSO PLAY THEIR PART TO TURN BAD TO GOOD BESIDES OBEDIENCE OF LAWS, RULES, SOCIAL TRAINING AND OBLIGATIONS AND NOT DO ANYTHING WHICH HARMS OTHERS AND ONESELF ETC. ETC. tks