25 August 2021 12:53

GOOD AND BAD: VARY FROM PERSON TO PERSON. It depends on the perception, attitude,conscience and personal interests of an individual. 1. Government makes laws and rules to regulate the society in their benefit at large. Generally these are good for the society which I think need compliance. However those who are law abiding accept these as good and comply with while those who intend not to obey, think that these are bad. College goers in general have the tendency to break the laws, think that these are bad, do not merit compliance and as such get to agitation. 2. drinking of alcohol/hard drinks for the poor is bad while for the well-to-do and elite it is good to socialise and relax. 3. killing is bad but it is pride for armed forces to kill the terrorists, belligerents and opposing forces for the sake of the nation and the country. 4. vengence, enmity, hatred, hurting, backbiting, harassment, intimidation, exploitation etc. are termed as bad as per social and legal laws but we all get entrapped in all these for personal gain and justify our actions as good and pronounce that the other(s) is/are wrong to harm me(us). 5. all the discussions and clarifications regarding good or bad are influenced by (a) self interest (b) by social and legal laws and customs (c) pretence as a duty or bound by duty (d) dogmatic attitudes and behaviour (e) beliefs, practices and customs (f) environments and habits etc. etc. THE QUESTION ARISES AS TO HOW TO DEFINE AND PRONOUNCE WHAT IS GOOD OR BAD. In my view our CONSCIENCE is the best barometer which keeps our body at peace, it is the BEST JUDGE to determine provided one searches the answer, least influenced by pre-meditated decision. 2nd It is essential to obey legal laws and customs which are made for the benefit of the society to regulate them and to keep them in peace TO BELIEVE THAT THESE ARE GOOD FOR ONESELF AND FOR THE SOCIETY.. CAUTION: However laws and customs which are framed in ORIGIN for the benefit of us all, get interpreted by individuals, politicians, sects, social gatherings of different beliefs and moreso by CHANGE OF ENVIRONMENTS IN THE COUNTRY AND OUTSIDE, MEDIA INFLUENCE, LITERACY etc. etc. do make the CHANGES/RECIFICATIONS/MODIFICATIONS AND EVEN ABANDONING THOSE PRACTICES AND LAWS, ESSENTIAL and as such THOSE WHICH WERE GOOD AT ONE TIME TURN OUT BAD IN THE CHANGED CIRCUMSTANCES. CONCLUSION; SEARCH OF ONE'S CONSCIENCE AND SEEKING ANSWER FROM CONSCIENCE IS THE BEST ANSWER TO DETERMINE WHAT IS GOOD OR BAD.