08 March 2020 04:26

IN CONTINUATION OF WHEN ONE IS OUT OF JOB besides that one must get into at the earliest even one is offered lesser salary and also whether to join a small organisation or a big organisation. ANSWER; it is left to the person, till the time one is not able to get a job, one must get into academic advancement by taking to certain refresher courses or take to skill development TO ENSURE WHEN ASKED FOR WHAT HE/SHE HAD BEEN DOING FOR SO LONG A TIME WITHOUT JOB. one has an easy and plausible answer. 2nd whether to join at a lesser salary, IF ONE IS SURE OF ONE'S CAPABILITIES, it will be better to join at lesser salary than going jobless for a longer period and as one is SURE OF ONE'S CAPACITIES AND EXPERIENCE, ONE WILL SURELY BE ABLE SHOW RESULTS AND WHEN ONE IS ABLE TO PROVE ONE'S WORTH AND ASSURES PROFITS/BENEFITS/EASE OF WORKING TO THE OWNER/BOSS, HE/SHE WILL GET THE DESIRED GROWTH VERY QUICKLY AND THE MANAGEMENT WILL DO ALL EFFORTS TO RETAIN HIM/HER. hence be sure to prove your worth even at lesser salary and as such learn to increase your experience of maximum activities of the organisation and remain always ready to take up any job given by the management, with benefits or without, with keen desire to gain experience and more or less turn INDISPENSABLE for the organisation. 3rd question arises whether to join small or big organisation. ANSWER: small organisation is of uncertainty while big organisation is a certainty for continuation of the job. (b) small organisation offer more openings to learn and show results while in big organisation one turns out to be one in a DEPARTMENT AND REMAINS AN INDIVIDUAL TO WORK WITH NO IDENTITY OR BEING INSIGNIFICANT ONE (c) in small organisation, an individual will get many opportunities to grope in to learn, experiment and get to results while in a big organisation SYSTEMS ARE already established, one is to move into them and perform one's functions accordingly CONCLUSION; LEARN TO BE SURE OF YOUR CAPACITIES, BETTER TO JOIN SMALL ORGANISATION, TAKE IT TO SUCCESS and if for certain reasons, success does not come in , LEARN NOT TO BLAME THE MANAGEMENT AND INSTEAD TRY TO GET INTO THE REASONS, WHAT ROLES DID YOU PLAY TO ENSURE BENEFITS AND PROFITS FOR THE ORGANISATION, WHY IT FAILED due mismanagement,incapabilities of the owners/conflicts amongst them, or failing to match in competition, not remaining uptodate with the desires/demands of the customers etc. etc. ONCE SUCH AN ANALYTICAL STUDY IS DONE AND NEW JOB IS SEARCHED, ONE WILL BE READY RECKONER TO FIND A JOB WITH THE COMPETITORS AND GIVE ANSWER TO THE QUESTIONS IF ASKED, IN FULL CONFIDENCE. tks