09 December 2020 02:52

WHETHER ALL BROTHERS SHOULD TAKE THE SAME BUSINESS; I still hold the view that prime-most is the (1)aptitude (2) learning and acquiring knowledge of the business (3) understanding and acceptance of personality and attitude of each other (4) the one who is already involved in the business must be conciliatory to accept his brothers as associates, in all manners equal (5) each one should have choice to choose functions each one wants in the parameters of the business and various fields it is already functioning and also the functions to be projected (6) each one needs to understand if 2 or more want the same function to elaborate the reasons and how each one could project and advance that field (7) normally it is the elder one who holds the business as he is the first to get into the business to learn and assist the parents and as such it is his duty to sort out things and find ways and means to the satisfaction of rest of the brothers (8) the rest of the brothers must understand that the elder and/or who is holding the business needs to be respected, listened, appreciated in his feelings, advice, intentions and sincerity for the betterment of each and every one. (9) each one needs to understand FIGHT WILL BRING DESTRUCTION WHILE UNITY WILL STRENGTHEN THE BUSINESS AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP. (10) in extreme, if one or some do not want to give any role asked for or allocated, FATHER NEEDS TO INTERVENE AND DECIDE by advice and if not listened to, to get the business and assets evaluated, and distribute those as per the choice of each as best as possible, but must ensure to keep the business to the one who is already holding and if decision is not accepted, decide on his own in consultation with his wife as also someone of his/their confidence ensuring that he keeps ONE THIRD OR ONE FOURTH SHARE OF THE TOTAL ASSETS TO HIM+WIFE AS ONE AS A COUPLE. In this father and mother's role becomes crucial to sort out things in the best interests of all by ensuring his sincerity and love for each one by listening and understanding about the insistence and/or resistance by someone(s), do the best to reconcile to each one wishes/desires/demand and if still some remain adamant, HIS DECISION SHOULD BE FINAL to make each one happy and if not, to accommodate the one(s) from his+wife share as much as they can to satisfy the dissatisfied one(s). tks