21 July 2023 01:44

IN COUPLE WHO IS IMPORTANT, HUSBAND OR WIFE MY ANSWER WILL BE THAT SOON AFTER MARRIAGE, HUSBAND REMAINS IMPORTANT AS THE CHILD(ren) IS/ARE BORN, WIFE STARTS BECOMING IMPORTANT, EVEN IF THERE IS NOT A CHILD, EVEN A FEW YEARS AFTER MARRIAGE, NONE IS IMPORTANT, BOTH GET TO CONSULTATION, CARE FOR EACH OTHER AND TAKE GENERALLY COLLECTIVE DECISIONS THERE DO ARISE SOME TIME CONFICTS AS WELLL, SOME ARE ABLE TO SORT OUT WHILE OTHER GET SEPARATED AND/OR DIVORCED THEN COMES THE OLD AGE AT THIS STAGE, WIFE BECOMES ALL IN ALL, MOST IMPORTANT, ALL ACTIONS AND DECISIONS MOVE AROUND HER AND IT IS SHE ALONE OR IN THE COMPANY OF HER CHIDREN, SHE TAKES DECISIONS ALONE WHILE HUSBAND BECOMES INSIGNIFICANT HE ALSO REALISES THAT IN THIS OLD AGE OF DEPENDENCE, HE HAS TO KEEP QUIET AND/OR TO SAY YES TO WHATEVER THE WIFE SAYS, DOES OR WISHES. in conclusion: those who reconcile with situation at various stages, those husband live comparatively comfortable life and those who do not accept the limitations which have developed in his physique, practically no work, hardly to talk about on any subject, such persons not to say who is important, husband or wife, such husbands lead a miserable life. .................................................................... vasdevloond founder marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau, contacts; vasdevloond 981943867 vasdevloond@gmail.com