10 October 2021 02:03

WHY GIRLS ARE PAID LESS THAN BOYS WITH ALMOST SAME QUALIFICATIONS AND IN GENERAL ALMOST 1/2 OF WHAT IS PAID TO THE BOYS. IT LOOKS PARADOXICAL, A BIT ANALYSIS AND PLAUSIBLE SOLUTION THEREFOR: reasons. seem to be: 1. multifarious and not much concentration on work, remain busy for households, children, husband etc. 2. no certainty when she will be leaving the job and as such all experience and investment in promotions and progress by the organisation go waste 3. maternity leave paid off at least for 3 months and no certainty whether the girl will get back to the job and if she happens to get back for the job, what will happen to the person who has been taken in replacement and is working at present 4. higher salary is more temptation to get back and continue working, while less salary leaves lessor scope to get back by thinking who will take care of the child, what will be the cost of the maid, how much it will affect the breeding of the child, affordability of the husband by his single salary to run the house etc. etc. 5. owners/entrepreneurs by paying less salary on account of and also in belief that girls generally leave their job and the question of unionism and strikes gets to minimal. All these reasons are true, then the question arises as to how to solve this discrimination; Covid 19 has shown that workforce can work from their houses which saves the entrepreneurs at least 1/3 on salaries and a lot on hiring office spaces, transport, social benefits, fear of strikes etc. and important also that working from house gives comparatively same efficiency while by working in office. Having observed and looking to experience. I feel girls should be allowed to work from their houses. their salaries must be raised from 1/2 to 2/3rd such an arrangement will help the girls/wives to take of households and look after their children better. further more important, when the children will be taken care of by mothers, their upbringing will be better, a great help and relief for the parents and a big relief for the exchequer as such children will be more disciplined than those we are taken care by maids and/or in creches. etc. ESSENTIAL THAT THE ENTREPRENEURS/OWNERS MUST THINK ON THIS SOLUTION AS SUCH CONTRIBUTE TO THE SOCIAL CAUSE WHILE AT THE SAME GETTING SAME EFFICIENCY OF WORK BY GIRLS WORKING FROM HOUSES THAN IN OFFICE.