16 August 2019 05:55

WHY THE PARENTS LOVE AND CARE MORE FOR THE WEAKER CHILD THAN THE HARD WORKING ONE: (1) parents want to push up the weaker one to rise to the situation and perform like his/her brother/sister (2) parents believe that the hard working child is managing his/her goal himself/herself and as such it is the weaker one who needs the help and guidance (3) parents feel if the weaker one does not come up to the desired situation, he/she will be left behind and no one will care for him/her (4) the hard working boy/girl is busy in achieving his/her goal and as such does not find time and/or does not want to talk to parents as he/she feels that parents behaviour is that of partiality and moreso favours for the weaker one. It is true that all children are not alike by birth and/or are also influenced by environments and society, as such parents have the tendency to uplift the weaker one and as such THE HARD WORKING CHILD FEELS JEALOUS, DOES NOT MUCH CARE FOR THE PARENTS AND THE WEAKER ONE, AND AT TIMES GETS INTO CONFLICTS ESPECIALLY AT THE TIME OF DISTRIBUTION OF ASSETS AND PROPERTIES AS HE/SHE FEELS THAT HE/SHE HAS A LOT OF CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS BUILDING UP ASSETS AND PROPERTIES AND THE WEAKER ONE HAS NOT CONTRIBUTED MUCH, WHY THEN THE WEAKER ONE SHOULD HAVE EQUAL SHARE. .. ANSWER; parents must explain to hard working child that if the weaker one is neglected, he/she will suffer more after parents death and chances for jealousies and conflicts will grow a lot, the weaker and hard working child will turn out more or less as enemies and fight for justice right or wrong in the courts. Money will become the only goal. TO AVOID SUCH A SITUATION, PARENTS MUST(1) explain to the hard working child that he should do his/her best like the parents to push the weaker brother/sister up (2) if both are more or less in the same situation, their relations will remain of love and affection and helping hand to each other (3) will enjoy more reputation in the society (4) if the parents give a bit more from their share, he should not mind as he/she can stand on his/her own (5)if the hard working child insists, it would be better to give more share from parents share for his/his contribution and persuade him/her to own the weaker one as his/her own child as a commitment and understanding and be always prepared to extend his/her helping hand to and love for the weaker one LIKE THE PARENTS AND EVEN MORE IF HE/SHE WISHES SO....comments