23 August 2019 06:33

MARRIAGE IS A PIOUS INSTITUTION, IT NEEDS TO BE RESPECTED AND RETAINED BUT CERTAINLY WITH CORRECTIONS AS THE PRESENT DEMANDS TODAY, WE MUST NEED TO REMEMBER THAT CHANGE IS ESSENTIAL, IF IT IS FOR GOOD, THE BEST AND IF DRIFTS TOWARDS THE BAD, ALL EFFORTS MUST BE DIRECTED TO DISCARD IT. So is the case with the marriage institution which was laudable for generations, is crumbling due to faults developed in its working and also due to ignoring the needs of the present generation. It is essential that I dwell on the reasons and try to offer some solutions. I am addressing today on MARRIAGE IS SHORT LIVED AND THOSE WHO LOVE IT, NOT ONLY THAT THEY BELIEVE IN IT BUT ALSO PRONOUNCE THAT IT IS THE SAME AS WE NEED A CHANGE FOR EVERYTHING AND IN LIFE NOTHING IS STATIC, THEN WHY IT IS ESSENTIAL TO STICK TO ONE TIME MARRIED RELATIONSHIP FOR LIFE LONG. There is no doubt Polygamy existed since perhaps we human beings were born due to power, force, temptations, beauty etc. and as such we find Kings and Maharajas had even more than 100 wives, there have been wars for temptations, beauty etc. and force was also employed earlier and now also as we find in tribes etc. NOTHING CAN BE ERADICATED OR ELIMINATED, BUT WHAT IS ESSENTIAL THAT GOOD MUST PREVAIL ON THE BAD AND AS SUCH KEEP IT TO THE LEAST TO INFLUENCE THE MASSES AT LARGE. Besides there seem to be some other reasons which relate to extreme stage of intolerance, infidelity, cropped up bad habits in either one of the couple, failures and losses, interference by outside forces like relations, friends, foes etc. and from inside the family as the children get grown up, get married etc, and/or distribution of assets etc. WE NEED, NOT TO FORGET THAT IT IS SAID AND IS TRUE THAT LOVE DEVELOPS IN OLD AGE MUCH MORE THAN IN YOUNG MARRIED LIFE, why so, because we remain busy for progress of the children, family and our own careers and find very little time to share love and on the contrary get entangled in controversies etc. Hence OLD AGE IS THE ONLY TIME TO DEVELOP RELATIONSHIP OF UNDERSTANDING, TOLERANCE, DEVELOP PATIENCE TO LISTEN AND EXCHANGE VIEWS QUIETLY AND PATIENTLY AS IN THIS AGE THERE IS ENOUGH TIME, NO OBLIGATION TO WORK AND OWN RESPONSIBILITIES, PERHAPS HAVE SAVED ENOUGH RESOURCES TO TRAVEL AND ENJOY LIFE TOGETHER. BESIDES IT IS THE TIME OF TOTAL DEPENDENCE AND COMPANIONSHIP. However, this view of not to have life long married relationship with some persons will continue to exist maybe because of their estranged relationship, family problems etc. or maybe love lost comes into contact again and it prompts to leave the present companion etc. Thus these small shoots here and there are unavoidable, and as such we need to BRING HOME REAL ADVANTAGES OF LIFE LONG MARRIED LIFE BY EXAMPLES, BY TALKING TO BOTH SIDE COUPLES AND OBSERVING HOW HAPPY THOSE WHO LIVE IN LIFE LONG MARRIED LIFE, HOW WONDERFULLY THEY LIVE AND ENJOY TOGETHER IN THEIR OLD AGE LIFE.. hence more enlightment by all means is essential. tks